Do NOT listen to female dating advice…

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Hey guys, I just wanted to share this observation with you… 

I know it‘s gonna piss the ladies off but I‘m gonna share it anyways because I think it is true and truth is what we need.

So basically dating is simply a game. You go into it and you want something: Either you just want to get laid, or you want a relationship, or you want a threesome, whatever it is; you have a goal.

Now there are millenia of experience how dating and attraction really works and I‘m sorry to tell you ladies but women as well as men are animalistic creatures. We have basic survival mechanisms wired into our genes that largely determine how we date, what we attracted to, etc. Understanding these principles and acting them out will make you successful in dating and Leo has shared these principles with you in his how to get laid series. It is like fishing.

If you want to be a fisherman you go to a successful fisherman and he teaches you how to do it. It simply works.

Unfortunately the ladies here on the forum (the fish in my analogy) want to teach the fishermen how the fish. And of course their advice doesn‘t work because they have a fundamental genetic bias against being „fished“ the way the fishermen want to fish them.

So they corrupt the solid dating advice that simply works with stupid advice that will never work. For example they say fluffy stuff like „you have to comfort her, make her feel secure, be nice, etc.“ but never give away the concrete mechanism on how their attraction works.

The fundamental problem here is, women do not understand what attracts them and for some reason they are not interested in understanding it. As a male I have no problem admitting that I am an animalistic creature attracted to good health and good looks, but the ladies do not admit what really attracts them. Instead they talk about fluffy ideals and make up stories, while in truth they are as animalistic as we are, just sucking the dicks of some random dudes who apply dating principles correctly.

Women are not princesses. They are animals, like men are. But unfortunately they do not seem to be interested in admitting that fact in a rational and logical way like men can do.

So here is my advice to you guys: Stop listening to female dating advice. Instead learn the general principles of dating, apply them and the laidies are gonna be more than happy to sleep with you, etc. They just won‘t understand that you had to learn these principles and work for the women because from the female point of view she never has to work to get you, so why would she care?

Being a fish and getting fished is easy, you don‘t need a plan. Being a fisherman requires some understanding.



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Like I said, women's perspective is for those ALREADY skilled enough to get laid - basically relationship advice seems to the area, where women have a monopoly.

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Locking because this will just turn into another gender war.

Do not debate with the opposite sex. Just go date however you feel is right for you. You don't need to convince anyone of your dating strategy.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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