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Answering All Questions About Solipsism

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Solipsism in the metaphysical sense is the view that only one's own mind or self is all that exists.

Solipsism in the epistemological sense is the view that the only thing that can be known is your own mind and perceptions exist.

According to this article, Distributed Solipsism is the idea that the self is distributed amongst all individuals.  Therefore, Distributed Solipsism assumes that there are other bubbles, but those other bubbles and experiences are the same self experiencing through different forms of parts of itself.

Those who reject metaphysical solipsism prefer to subscribe to Distributed Solipsism.  In fact, a lot of spiritual teachings are in alignment with Distributed Solipsism.  I know Alan Watts, Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle, etc.  All those gurus teach that everything is One, and we are all parts of the Universe experiencing itself through all different forms.  The Universe is essentially the stage from which it experiences life through all the different characters and actors on the world's stage.

However, the point of any inquiry is not to find what is comfortable or witty.  The point of contemplation is to find out what is actually true.  

What is actually and absolutely True?

When you think about it, the only thing you have ever experienced in your life has been your own mind, which includes all of your perceptions, sensations, thoughts, visual field, auditory fields, sensory fields.  This field of experience that is happening right now is all that can be known to exist.  All other hypotheses about other bubbles or fields of experiences are occurring right here in The Field of Experience.  Notice that I do not say that this field is "yours."  The Field of Experience right now is what actually exists.  Any ideas of self or other are always secondary.  The Field of Experience is primary.  Everything else is secondary and occurs within what is actually primary.

Distributed Solipsism assumes that there are other experiences or minds which can exist outside of The Field of Experience.  Metaphysical & Epistemological Solipsism are stating what is the case.  All that has ever been experience or exists is This Field.  

What does it mean to say something exists which cannot be perceived?  Existence = Perception

There has only ever been One Field of Experience.  If there were multiple Fields or Bubbles, where are the boundaries of those Bubbles and other Fields created in? If dream characters had their own bubbles and fields, where would those fields and bubbles be occurring in?  This Field/Bubble Right NOW!!!  Notice that the Field is entirely Headless.  The head becomes the whole world.  The Field is space for everything to exist.  This Headless Field is like the world of Skyrim or dreaming.  It is the screen/space for all characters and worlds to be created.  There is no external world to Skyrim or dreaming.  All worlds, characters, etc. are occurring on the Screen/Field from which all of reality is projected.

My other post on Plant Consciousness and Solipsism pointed to this very problem that I had been tackling with:  How do I distinguish between subjects and objects?  Where are the other Fields and minds?  If a human has a subject or consciousness, then what makes a human body have a subject and a rock/plant body not?  Where is the line drawn for consciousness subjects and non-conscious objects?  

Everything in the Field of Experience appears as space, objects, colors, sounds, smells, etc.  It is all ever-changing objects that are occurring in the Field.  When I look at a rock and a human being, what is the difference between the two?  How do I say that a human being is a subject but a plant, table, or rock is not?  The objects may move like a puppet from the Field's point of view, but all inference of there being an experience behind a human object is the same as inferring there is a rock subject behind the rock object. 

This is like the whole Invisible Gardner argument that atheists use to theists.  If there is a Gardener that is completely invisible and can never be known or verified, how is that any different from there not being any Gardener at all?  Likewise, the assumption is made that there is a mind, experience, bubble/fields, or other subjects inside the human and animal bodies that we see but how is inferring that there are other subjects or other Fields/Bubbles any different from there not being any other subjects at all?  The only thing that can be verified is that This Field Exists.  All other spaghetti monsters, china teapots, and Invisible Gardeners are all additional jumps, stories ("explanations"), and add-ons to this Field.  This Field cannot be explained by anything.  All explanations are secondary to the Field.  The Field is Reality/Existence Itself and all concepts/stories/explanations will always be secondary and not primary.

Even the belief in Solipsism is just another concept.  Absolute Solipsism is what remains after you burn everything that is false into the fire.

Now, stop imagining Solipsism and go out there and do the work to deconstruct all your beliefs and falsehoods until Truth remains.

Jed McKenna and Leo are alike in that both of them see the nonsense in spiritual circles.  Jed and Leo realize that hardly any spiritually "enlightened" guru is actually awakened.  If you do not plan to take psychedelics, I highly recommend the practice of spiritual autolysis that can be found in Jed's books.  I also recommend Douglas Harding's Headless Way!  

Hope that helped to answer all questions about Solipsism.


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12 minutes ago, r0ckyreed said:

Hope that helped to answer all questions about Solipsism.

? ? 

It’s the activity of thought. 

Much love! ?



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