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Completing the 2nd tier sprial dynamics (and speculation about possible third tier).

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Hi everyone,

I came across a YouTube channel called “wake up !” which expands upon the 2nd tier, it clearly describes coral and teal. Vaguely mentions the two last colors of the 2nd tier, and also talks about a potential third tier.

He talks about his own experience with coral and how he fell back into turquoise.

On his channel, there's an entire series of videos about Sri Aurobindo.

Also, he talks a lot about Sri Aurobindo, the channel has series of videos on the books “The Life Divine” and “synthesis of yoga”. 




Often overlooked causes of spiritual regression are exposure to free glutamate and EMF's. For me personally the REID program has helped me a lot, but everyone walks their own path and what has a profound impact for one person might be negligible for another.

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it didn't help me honestly, I'm moving from turquoise to coral and it's uncharted territory honestly with not lots of "facts" O.o

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