But what about heart transplants?

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I see people posting about how heart has neurons and it connects with the brain etc. And is sort of a second brain.

But many people get heart transplants, do their personality change? I searched it up and yeah people report so. 


What will happen then when a synthetic heart gets transplanted into someone? 

Also, why then is a heart easier to transplant than the brain? Probably because the brain holds most of the personal 'mind' such as personalities and memories and many of the survival functions which make it complex to transplant. But I don't actually think the spirit/person itself is held by the brain. I think the body channels the spirit. So now a very good question arises. What will happen if we switch the brains of two people?

Will they switch bodies or each person will still be channeled into that body but with different memories and personalities? 

If you are one of those patients, will your direct experience suddenly switch to their body or will all of your memories and personality and stuff be replaced, but you'll still being channeled in your own body? 

I think the problem is that I am identifying with the memories and personality here. There is no constant self between the people. You can argue that the person will switch bodies because the whole mush of personalities and memories is now responding through the second body. But if you were never even those things in the first place, then that means the spirit is still where it were. And if you identity with the spirit, then you never actually switched bodies. It's a matter of what you identify with. 

What do you guys think? 

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Go to 01:23


"Wanting keeps me from the awareness I already have it. I already am it.” — Byron Katie


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I think this is one of those things that seems like it's really mystical and fascinating, but should already be an obvious intuition we'd have.

I mean, if someone gets a freaking HEART transplant I would expect that to change them and their personalities a bit. That's a momentous experience.

"Given enough explosives any moron can blow up a building, don't YOU wanna be that moron?"

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Was kidding. Like, have the surgery, let us know how it is. xD

Really though, that’d be the only way to know. Otherwise it’s just thoughts about perception. 



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