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So, I have grown a lot in the last months. I have got out of a toxic relationship and I managed to start focusing on myself.

I still have 2 things I'm working on and I want to ask for your advice.

1. It's okay if I cut out all substance use for 1 year? 

I talked with friends and they think it's too radical of a decision to go cold turkey, they using themselves 

I want to focus on my external world, to get cool clothes, be on point with life in general and travel the world and have experiences, however only external

2. I realized I tend to "get in love" with a few specific girls. 

I am very good at dating and having awesome skills, so especially the girls I like I attract in most times easily.

For 6 months a year it's more beneficial if i simply do casual dating and focus on myself?

Or it would be ok if I start a relationship, giving the terms I'm comfortable with?

As another option I consider taking a less radical approach, smoking once a week until I'm good with my performance and doing other substances in a way which won't affect me too much, until I find the amount that works for me


Much love 





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you can try to cold turkey, but the cause of addiction is your sense of seperateness, always, so unless you are simutaenously working on that shit your habit of aversion and craving will continue to find form in new addiction 

sense of seperateness is your identification to self and all the boundaries you created to reinforce that 'I' feeling - so I think there needs to be more insight into that or you will go on craving connection in the external and getting lost there, I get the sense you try will try hard to change but without insight you are always trying to become limitless by building on top of unrecognized limitations, which results in looping and failure

your addiction to nicotine/caffeine turns into eating more food, sleeping more, masterbathing more and vice versa

so sure try it, whether you do or don't it's going to reveal something. and it really doesn't matter



just be here, if you can do it this moment you can do it the next moment

this is the now, now is all that is real, the truth is now, not your concept or experience, just this

is there suffering in this ? work to be done young jedi. me

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