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This documentary really troubled me

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So I've watched this documentary: 


And I have to say it did trigger a lot of fear anger for obvious reasons. The facts presented here seem hard to argue with.

Can anyone who watched it critically share their opinion on what's being said?

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Wow.  I was not expecting that at all.

I started taking notes haha.  This puts a complete 180 degree spin on to what I had thought about covid.

Okay so basically the speaker is saying that one can't trust the media or government or social media as so much is run by the wealthy elite.  We are to them what the cows are to us.

The speaker discusses covid and it starts of with how Obama took away the ban on game of function research (which is research of vaccines for how viruses spread more easily which could then be used to help make vaccines to combat that)10 days before Trump went into office.  The day after that legislation, Anthony Fauci announced great predictability that there would be a pandemic in the next government cycle. 

The speaker says that Anthony Fauci's emails have been made public.  Anthony Fauci was the one funding the game of function research and knew it came from the Wuhan lab.  He then talked with pharma companies about vaccines and social media about keeping curing methods silent.

Moderna has never released a vaccine before and yet they have released the covid vaccine, which is funded by George Soros (a former Nazi), Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci.  Anthony Fauci who funded what created the virus is now raking in money from the vaccines to fight it from Moderna.  The 95% effectiveness rate is not true - it is actually only 1% more effective.  It is a joke to say a vaccine made in a few months is 95% effective as the flu shot is 28% effective and cancer is still around.  Also, the vaccine has yet to be finished being studied as it takes 3 years by the FDA so everyone who has received the vaccine is basically a test pig.

Phizer has had a history of fradulent reports on their drugs and cannot be trusted about their any of their covid claims.

The vaccine is making the virus worse.  The variants did not start popping up until the vaccine started being administered.  The media is telling us that it is the unvaccinated people's fault but yet that is a lure to get people to get the vaccine which will give the vaccine companies more money.  Typically viruses kill off people fast and so they don't spread as much and die out.  Most vaccines are created to not infect or spread a virus.  The covid vaccine however does not.  The covid vaccine does not stop infection or transmission of the virus.  Therefore, the virus can continue to mutate as the vaccine is allowing it and those mutations can get more deadly instead of less deadily, as which is what would otherwise happen if there was no vaccine.  

The mRNA vaccine is a messenger ribonucleic acid that creates a pathogen for the immune system to attack.  However, when given an mRNA injection, pathogen creation and your immune system attacking that will go on for the rest of your life.  The more mRNA injections that you get, the more your pathogens that will be created and the more your immune system will be tackling that.  About 50% of Americans have natural immunity.  However, if they have gotten the mRNA vaccine, and with each additional dose, their natural immunity goes down.  The more mRNA vaccines that one gets, the more one will have to get them for the rest of their life, which is convenient for pharmaceutical companies.  Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to sell you something you have to buy for the rest of your life rather than just once.

Studies have shown that people who are fully vaccinated are more likely to be hospitalized to a covid variant than someone who has not been vaccinated.  Hospitals have been asked to not report people who have been fully vaccinated as covid cases and so the media is reporting it as if the only people in the hospitals are those without the vaccine.  The speaker suggests that although you cannot get unvaccinated, you can choose to not get any more vaccines.

The speaker also mentions that masks do not protect against the virus as the virus goes around and through every type of mask.  If you wear a cloth mask, you are actually more likely to get sick as the cloth stores bacteria.

In the first year, the covid tests were incredibly inaccurate and there was a large amount of false positives.  Covid is not spread by asymptomatic people.

The covid vaccine is more likely to kill you than covid.  Also, vaccines cause lots of problems and we do not know what the long term effects of a vaccine will be, especially one that modifies your RNA and DNA.  Normal women typically have 10% miscarriages; however, fully vaccinated women have had 82% miscarriages.  A facebook group of over 200,000 women were complaining about period problems.  Over 500k people have had debiliting effects from the vaccine to where they cannot work.  10k people have been reported as having died from the vaccine in the US but whisteblowers think the number may be closer to 50k.

The speaker also mentions how pharmaceutical companies that have adds on news stations do not pay for the ad but for what is said in between the ads - they are not to talk about any alternative treatments other than the covid vaccine as that is in competition with the vaccine.

There is much push for people to get vaccinated on something that has not been fully tested, understood, or approved and it is being required to access places or to have employment.  It is odd in that the other highly infectious viruses/diseases are not having the same requirement.

(I hope I said all that right).  After watching that, I was going to get the booster but I will hold off as I am not around people right now.  I need to do more research to verify the claims made in the video.   Thanks for sharing.

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