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Getting hooked on weed because it helps my work?

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Hi Actualizers!
I have a bit complicated relationship with weed. it is on and off, but I really love it and when I run out of it i usually feel depressed for a day or so. 

I just ran out of it and I will not get any more in this year. It always feel like a void for a day when i run out. I am replacing it with meditation and it helps a bit!

I am an extrovert and crave social interaction but when high i can just sit by myself all day and make art and music. It puts me into a instant flow state. I can sit and make wonderful music for 12 hours and my head is buzzing with ideas. Being a musician is also part of my income and part of my life purpose and many of my favorite artists smoke. I get hooked on weed because it makes sitting alone and making music all day so much more enjoyable and I get way less distracted when smoking. I also dont feel lonely at all while smoking by myself, but I can easily feel loneliness if im not.

Do you have any tips for how to get into this relaxed flow state all day without smoking and getting attached to weed?

Thanks for reading

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