Conor McGregor: A Cautionary Tale

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Legit his ego is ridiculously huge. Countless examples where it's painfully obvious that he thinks he's superior to everyone because of who he is, yet it's just as obvious he's desperate for the public/MMA fans to see him exactly how he wants them to, which is never the case. He's something else.

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On 10/26/2021 at 9:03 PM, Gili Trawangan said:

I haven't watched the video, but Mike Tyson's example comes to mind. He was also unhinged in his younger days, and now he's completely different - the 5meo trips helped ;)

So there's still and always time to turn things around. It could go both ways.

Tyson's story is even deeper than that. His coach used to basically hypnotize him and tell him he was gonna be an animal, a savage, etc.

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