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Hello, I have been meditating about 3 months and about 1month  ago I think that I started to see some tangible results. First of all my concentration has increased drastically and that has become really beneficial for me in school,  because I am 17 years old. But the most important things started to happen three weeks ago. When I am meditating sometimes( approximately 3days in week) I reach a moment then I start to lose sense of feeling over my body and everything seems to disappear. But it lasts only 3-5 seconds, also my eyes start to shake a little bit. Today I had the same feeling, but even more intense one. So is it comman to feel that? Also I do some enlightment work, but not that much. Thanks for your advices. 

Victor ;)

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Dear Victor,


Surely this is very common, however you can develop this further as you do, but go refrain from unwholesome Speech, act and livelihood, to much or to little eating and drinking and focus during the day, not on different time frames, but be here and be now. Focus on your school work, but be concentrated on Awareness, that knows no difference.

This same Awareness is present during meditation, and focus on this.

When doing so, surely the gaps between meditation and your daily life, will eventually according to your efforts and previous deeds fall straight into one experience of meditation. Surely from here on, I would like to hear from you again on the forum.

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