What is your SD center of gravity?

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  1. 1. What is your SD center of gravity?

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12 hours ago, Jacob Morres said:

By this you mean it's not nuanced enough for the developmental lines?

Like for example for the Relationships line, it's not holisitic enough 

By this I mean that its strength is as a sociological model which shines light on how meta-ideologies arise, and come in to conflict with one another.

The depth and complexity of how a specific individual relates to their worldview isn't something that the model tracks (nor was it intended to). 

For example, someone like Marcus Aurelius or Plato were very likely at a level of depth and complexity far beyond the most advanced stage of their era, which was SD-Blue. A church going grandma in Louisiana who doesn't think very deeply about the ethical, political, or spritual implications of the worldview she was indoctrinated with from a young age is also likely Blue.

To expound on that, if someone is at a level of depth and complexity above their SD-Stage we would expect thier understanding of the meta-ideology to be more explicit, while someone at a depth and complexity below their SD-Stage would understand thier meta-ideology in a very flattened, implicit way. 

The only distinction that Spiral Dynamics would be able to make is whether or not a particular manifestation of a given stage is 'Healthy' or 'Unhealthy'.

It also doesn't give us any method for how to weight different lines of development which can all be at different levels (such moral development, spiritual development, relationship development etc.) when trying arrive at a rough aggregate or 'average' for an individual. If a person is roughly at Green in their politics, Blue in their intimidate relationships, and Orange in their views on Spirituality, is there anything holistic we can say about that person by using Spiral Dynamics?

Compare Spiral Dynamics to Susanne Cook Grueter's model of Ego Development, and you'll see that the latter is much richer and more holistic model for individual development.

As a sociological model Spiral Dynamics is great. As an individual development model, there are better alternatives.

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"The mind is inherently embodied.
Thought is mostly unconscious.
Abstract concepts are largely metaphorical." - George Lakoff

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6 hours ago, itachi uchiha said:

@Fearey how did u move such high stage in such low amount of time.what did u got correct

Very hard to say why, but I think something that may have contributed positively for me, and would perhaps contribute overwhelmingly negatively to most people, is having gone through lots of hardship in my early adult life and adolescence. Making mistakes, nearing financial bankruptcy on no less than 7 occations, and still being as willing as ever to pursue the unknown, even as my ego is, to ensure it's own survival, pulling every trick in the book at me, to force me to take the more "safe" route forward on every occation.

There are likely countless factors that contribute to why someone's at a particular stage. I've been very much alone my entire life, but I learned to live with that, rather than letting it break me, and even to thrive on my own, is something I had to learn.

The fact that I'm an INTP 5w4 might also make me more susceptible to this kind of work, and to having an easier time growing than most people, but I could be wrong.

Finding out everything there is to know about everything used to be my number 1 priority, until it wasn't. Now I prefer just living in the now and enjoying what life has to offer, at least until my biological body stops functioning and I get to experience reality through something else.

INTP 5w4 from Norway

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