Any advice Maintaining a path of higher consciousness during low states of being

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Once you have several core awakenings.  How do you maintain a path of high consciousness?  Does anyone have specific tips?  


I plan to continue introspection and work towards deeper awakenings.  I maintain a good diet and regular exercise.  I am developing a high consciousness intuition I can reach out to when making big decisions.  


However, I am struggling with the in-between.   I catch myself in lower consciousness states when tired, working, or distracted.  Making higher path decisions can create turmoil when dealing with regular life and low states.  


I know Leo has hit on this point in recent videos and discusses “riding the wave.”  Also I know he mentioned heavy metal cleansing, maybe that will help?


Is there any other ways to better maintain a true path when dealing with survival and low energy states?  I can understand why some people “live in caves.”


Thanks so much!!


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Sometimes it can be just this, that stands in the way of realization, that you need to do something or be somewhere etc.

That is the illusion, just try to BE, BEING without making judgement calls, what is it about you that has always been the same?

If you sense it, it is pretty intangible, try to feel into it, or rather, let everything else go and just be in that non state.


But seeking and "exploring" has its place, one should not dismiss it as completly illusory, instead investigate the feeling, to whom does the seeking appear?


Let thy speech be better then silence, or be silent.

- Pseudo-dionysius 

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@Adamq8 Good point.  Thank you.  I will set a daily alarm on my phone to let go and return the non state as best I can.  If only there was a system that would send a reminder when slipping back into “sleep.”  I will up meditation practice too that seems to help.

It’s very difficult to carry this through daily life.  At least it is for me.


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