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        July 2022

aka: The month Leo popped his Instagram cherry 😄

     •  Why Supermarkets Sell Flowers (Essay)

     •  Problems With Our Information Ecology (Essay)

     •  Nu Pogodi (note)

     •  Old-School Self-Help (Essay)

     •  AI Fractal Music Video

     •  Memetic Tribes & Culture War 2.0 (note)

     •  Scientifically Verifiable? 😹

     •  How To Develop Work Ethic (note)

     •  Science vs Reality 😹

     •  Absolute Presence = Immortality (Essay)

     •  Higher States Of Consciousness (Essay)

     •  A Warning About Solipsism (Essay) *YOUR IDEAS OF SOLIPSISM ARE NOT GOD-REALIZATION!*

     •  Nonduality/Idealism Is NOT God-Realization (Essay)

     •  Ignorance Is Bliss 😹

     •  Strange Loop Cat (Essay)

     •  Carnivàle (note)

     •  Crazy Beautiful (note)

     •  Absolute Infinity

     •  God Is Love

     •  When You Finally Realize God Is Love

     •  Helicopters Are Awesome!

     •  Vladimir Vysotsky (Essay)

     •  The Most Beautiful Game Of All Time (note)

     •  The Greatest 90's Song (note)

     •  Brad Pitt's Greatest Role

     •  Bomberman '94 TurboGrafx-16

     •  The Lost Spires (Essay)

     •  Metaphysical Rebirth

     •  Homer Discovers The 3rd Dimension (Note)

     •  Scorn Gameplay Demo (note)

     •  Insights Into Computing & Managing People (note)


Some talented artists Leo is following on Instagram 🤩:

     •  holosomnia

     •  beloved__world_

     •  infinit.visuals

     •  ig_artgalleryy

     •  colorfull.wrlds

     •  annibalesiconolfi

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