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Healing Workshops? Your experience

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Hi ervyone.

I am thinking to take a healing workshop 3 days for Kundalini energy balance. 

I am just a bit skeptical about the tools and the methods that are given and shared. Things like Shaktipat intiation, tantric techniques, crystals and sacred geometry, mandalas shamanic tools and so on.

I have never entered this stuff for many reasons like too new age stuff and also my resitance for methods and techniques in general. 

Would like to know from you what do you think about this things and if you have ever done something similar

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@Giulio Bevilacqua

It’s a mixed bag in my experience.

Some of it may indeed be nonsense. That’s the price of deviating from accepted, mainstream narratives. You’re off the grid now, and so you’re going to run into all sorts of wild ideas. This is the epistemic jungle xD.

But of course, there also may be somethings the mainstream gets deeply wrong. Mostly relating to spirituality. So you have to discern those things.

I had a lot of resistance to those sorts of ideas as well earlier on. I was scientifically minded and would have dismissed all that as bunk.

Just use your discernment. They’re just some hippies, they’re not going to bite your head off. And you don’t have to agree with everything they say. 

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