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Meditating and thought stories

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Through meditation I realized that all dreams are alike.

When meditating, I was calm, focused on breath and thoughts were still running. I couldn't ignore them but also didnt identify myself with them. I just watched them. Effortlessly. It was like i wasnt even trying to watch them. I just was, and I'm not sure how or why. I didnt have any positive or negative emotions or reactions towards them. Hard to explain. All I can say is I was calmly watching these dreams, or thought stories without "moving a muscle" so to speak.

So daydreams, or when I think, I'm identifying and reacting with emotion and in these meditation dreams or thought stories I was effortlessly watching but also calm due to the breathing meditation I started with, that eventually lead me to this.

It's also different than sleeping dreams because even then one can wake up from nightmares, etc.

I cant say I realized that this reality is a dream yet. So this only has to do with thought stories.

I was still aware that I was mediating, and the thought stories did stop every now and then when i brought myself back to the 4-3-7 exercise I was doing.

Im honestly pretty new to meditation. I tried it on and off for months but due to situations it was hard to find time. I then left a certain situation behind but then I kind of left the journey behind for a couple of months because I've been having trouble coping with the outcome of said situation. I now have time in the evening and in the early morning. I know i havent done shit here, but I'm writing this to I guess get advice as to what to do and where to go from here.

How do I do this with daydreams? Just watch them and not get angry, or sad, or any other emotion.

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