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Blog Video Summary: DPT — The Other God Molecule

Here’s some info from the DPT Mega-Thread:

Here are some good reference links:

In a Nutshell:

  • DPT is for highly experienced users only. It's very powerful
  • DPT can produce horrific trips for some people, so be careful
  • The best way of taking DPT is plugged rectally
  • DPT lasts 2.5hrs at least
  • DPT does not dissolve well.  Just suspend it in your chosen liquid and plug

Leo’s rectal doses are:

  • Light: 20mg-30mg
  • Medium: 30mg-40mg
  • Heavy: 50mg+

Leo is very sensitive to all psychedelics so your doses may need to be higher.


(This episode was released on June 21, 2019.)

         -DPT is more powerful than 5-MeO-DMT. It’s a beautiful, amazing substance.  Some of Leo’s deepest awakenings have come from DPT.

         -DPT (aka: n,n-dipropyltryptamine) is a research chemical and a proper tryptamine.  It’s not nearly as well known as n,n-DMT or 5-MeO-DMT.  It’s easier to get than a lot of other psychedelics, but it’s not for newbies, so be very careful.

         -There are many trip reports from people who’ve had terrible experiences because they used DPT improperly.  It’s been described as “the evil twin of DMT,” that it has a terrible body load or “it’s like snorting a row of haunted houses.”  You can read all about it on erowid and reddit.   

         -After reading all the bad trip reports, Leo wasn’t expecting DPT to produce such a beautiful and amazing trip.  The key is to start with small doses, then increase the dose by 5 mg on subsequent trips.

         -DPT is only for experienced psychonauts and experienced spiritual seekers. It’s not something you do on a whim and it’s not for newbs.  Leo hasn't had any negative experiences on DPT, but this will mess up your shit if you lack a deep foundation in non-duality, spirituality and psychedelics.

         -A deep trip on DPT will completely annihilate the self.  It will show you what it feels like to have never existed, which is why it’s freakier than a deep 5-MeO trip.


                  How To Prepare for Advanced Psychedelics

         -You’ll need a deep theoretical foundation and lots of trips under your belt.  However, it’s not enough to just have lots of trips.  A lot of people trip just to screw around and party, but they’re not necessarily at a high level of consciousness.

         -You have to really want to contemplate what God is and what life is.  What is reality?  What is the self?  What is the other?  What is ego?  You’ve got to contemplate all that, ideally for years.  Read hundreds of books on those topics.  All that knowledge will ultimately come together, and when you combine it with psychedelics, responsibly, your trips will build and you'll go deeper and deeper into the Godhead.  You’ll peel back more layers of the onion until you experience the type of deep mystical awakenings that Leo describes on his channel.


                  Dosages for DPT vs 5-MeO

         -For Leo, a small threshold dose of DPT is 20mg.  A significant, breakthrough to non-duality dose is 40mg.  A super crazy breakthrough dose is 50mg.  That trip took Leo beyond what he was able to achieve on 5-MeO.

         -You can't directly compare the dosages of DPT and 5-MeO. Literally comparing mg for mg isn’t a useful metric.  You have to find corresponding dosages for a breakthrough with each substance, and then compare the effects of the breakthrough dose.

         -For Leo, DPT requires 40-50mg to have a full on breakthrough.  5-MeO requires 20-25mg.    


                  Routes of Administration

         -If you plug DPT, it takes 15 mins to come on, which is twice as long at 5-MeO.  It can also be smoked and even taken orally, but it's not very active orally.  Leo recommends against smoking it or taking it orally.

         -Plugging works perfectly with DPT.  It has a very smooth come on.  You hit the peak within 20 mins and then you're in that peak for a good solid 60 to 90, sometimes even 120 mins.  It takes quite a while to leave your system.

         -5-MeO hits you very fast, within 7 mins, even when you plug it.  The peak also comes on really fast, around the 10 to 15 min mark.


                  Differences between DPT and 5-MeO-DMT

         For Leo, DPT feels a lot like 5-MeO, although DPT has certain benefits that 5-MeO doesn't have.

         • A DPT trip is two to three times longer than a 5-MeO-DMT trip.  That’s great if you’re having a good trip, but terrible if you're having a bad trip.   

         • It’s easier to contemplate on DPT, but both 5-MeO and DPT have life changing, non-dual experiences to offer.

         • DPT is also slower and methodical in how it works on you.  It has a slow, molasses effect.

         • DPT is more visual and has a crazy vibratory, body feel to it.  Some people find it uncomfortable, or even terrible.  Leo found it to be very comfortable and enjoyable.

         The trembling isn’t uncontrollable, like a seizure.  You can stop it if you want to, but it feels really good to move and tremble.  Energy starts flowing through your hands, feet, chest and the rest of your body.  You just want to vibrate.  It feels therapeutic and healing.  So just go with it.  As this happens, you’ll be going into full non-duality.

         (There’s lots of research in somatic therapy on how trembling and shaking are keys to releasing trauma that’s been trapped in your body and psyche.)

         • DPT is more therapeutic and better suited towards healing work than 5-MeO.  Leo has noticed that DPT is better than 5-MeO for embodying enlightenment.  5-MeO hits you so fast.  It comes and goes and leaves some amazing insights, but those insights are quite challenging to embody.  Because DPT is slower and longer, it really massages you.

         • DPT trips are not easy.  They're pretty exhausting because you're working through a lot of psychological baggage.

         • On DPT, it’s easier to guide your thought stream and intention towards whatever you want to contemplate. That’s partly what’s amazing about DPT.  DPT interconnects the mind and makes you conscious in a way that’s different than 5-MeO.

         • DPT can take you to a much deeper layer of non-duality than 5-MeO.  The type of non-duality where you forget you ever existed! ?


DPT, The Godhead & Consciousness

         -Leo’s super breakthrough experience on 50mg of DPT was the deepest he had ever tripped on any substance.  (This episode was released in Jan 2019)

         -At the highest peak of his 50mg trip, he went into the Godhead.  With DPT your consciousness opens up right before your eyes and everything is revealed to be the Godhead.  You can go deeper inside and ask God questions.  Even more amazing, you can get real answers!  What is the Godhead?  Where did it come from?  What is it doing?  What is the nature of Love and why can't I have Chris Evans’ phone number?  (God said, “having Evans’ phone number doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to talk to you.” :()

         -The slow molasses effect of DPT lets you bore into a question.  It’s the best substance for contemplation.  Although Leo has experienced the Godhead before (no biggie), with DPT he was able to reach a really deep level and penetrate into it.

         -He became conscious of how everything that you’ve ever experienced is pure imagination, including this very present moment, right now.  You imagined your birth, your parents, yourself as a human being, your future death, etc.  All of it is pure, complete, infinite, unlimited imagination.

         All physical objects that you consider solid and tangible, like chairs, galaxies, people, animals, trees, MCU memorabilia, have been imagined by the Godhead this entire time.  It’s all being imagined by God in the eternal moment of now.


  • “But Leo, how can the universe be imaginary?  Why isn’t it physical?  Why isn't it atoms or energy?”

         What you don't understand is that you're imagining all of that: atoms, energy, particles, physicality, etc.  The only way anything can exist is if it’s dreamed up by God and consciousness.  Unlimited imagination is the only thing there is.

         So this very moment right now, as you sit there reading all of this—it’s imaginary!  You're imagining all of it.


                  Infinity & Imagination

         -It’s important to understand that infinite imagination has layers and degrees to it.  On one level, as a human, you can dream up Santa Claus or the planet Mars, but that’s a different level of imagination than the Godhead imagining walls or your computer or other people.  You experience those levels of imagination as very very different because you’re not conscious enough to see how they’re both composed of the same stuff, the same Infinite Intelligence or Consciousness that keeps imagining stuff.

         -You, as God, lock yourself off from the deeper layers of imagination to protect yourself.  Otherwise you would cease to be human and you would cease to be in a physical world. So, the physical world is a dream, but you imagine that you're not imagining it and therefore you experience it as real and physical, and not as imaginary.

         -During Leo’s DPT trip, he became conscious of pure unlimited imagination.  It has no form, shape or location. The Godhead isn’t located in time or space or anywhere, because all of those things are being imagined by it.

         This pure, unlimited imagination contains absolutely everything. Every single animal, every single human, every single planet, galaxy and star system.  Every human language, number, and mathematical system.  Every emotion and physical object that could ever possibly exist.  Anything that you've ever thought or imagined, all of that is contained within the pure particle of unlimited creative imagination.

         The Godhead can literally think anything it wants into being and as a human you have a little bit of that too.  As a human you're very confined and there's a lot of constraints placed upon you, so it feels like imagination is separate from physical reality.  But when you become hyper conscious, what you realize is that there's no distinction whatsoever between the things you're able to imagine with your mind and actual physical reality.  They're they're identical.

         As Leo went deeper into his trip, into this pure particle of infinite imagination, a slot machine effect started happening.  He was cycling through every single object in the galaxy, and he realized that this infinite particle of pure imagination is fully self-aware and Absolutely Good.  It’s Absolute Love and selflessness.


         -When you peel back layer upon layer of the onion that is God, you’re going deeper into and deeper into yourself.  When you’re doing all these trips, and meditating, contemplating, doing yoga and purifying yourself with spiritual techniques, you’re becoming aware of God.  You are realizing your true self more and more.  The truth that pure, unlimited consciousness is the only thing that exists.

         That’s not to say a human can turn his hand into a tentacle just by imagining it, but from the Godhead's point of view, when it's not being human, it can imagine anything it wants.  It’s completely unlimited.

         There's a trade-off: the more human you are the less God-like you are.  The more God-like you are, the less human you are.  Also, the more God-like you are, the less interested you are in egoic pursuits like power and sex.

         If you wanted to have the full powers of God, you would have to become completely selfless and give up your limited human form and let reality disappear.  Then you'd probably be dead.  Of course from God's perspective you’re immortal, but your human form can certainly change shape, which includes dying.


                  Why Do People Have Bad Trips on DPT?

         -Leo suspects the only reason his DPT trips were so positive was because he has a ton of experience with other psychedelics, especially with 5-MeO. He’s also done a lot of work on himself, so he’s already peeled back the layers of exploring Consciousness and understanding God.  (Leo has a lot of episodes about that.)

         -DPT is not a recreational psychedelic, but that's exactly why it's so good for us!  Recreational psychedelics aren’t ideal for pursuing spirituality and non-duality.  We want the deepest, most ego annihilating thing there is.  We want the thing that connects us the closest to pure, infinite imagination and creativity.  You can use that to heal and transform your psyche in powerful ways.

         -Bad DPT trips happen because people’s minds aren’t pure.  They’re just playing around they're not serious, they don't understand non-duality and they haven't contemplated seriously.

         They don't realize its full potential because their most people who trip don't really understand what God is.  They've maybe peeled back one or two layers of the onion, but not like thirty layers.

         When you’ve peeled back your 30th layer of the onion that is the Godhead, then DPT will be an amazing substance.  If you're just getting started as a newbie, watch out!!

         -DPT can mindfuck you by turning your whole reality inside out and tearing you to pieces.  You’ve got to be totally comfortable with complete ego annihilation, because that's what DPT takes you to.  Your whole reality flies out the window you're gonna feel like you've gone insane.

         -DPT magnifies your imagination, so if you panic, this can create a downward spiral of negativity while you’re tripping.  You’ll start to imagine your worst nightmares, and they’ll start to manifest because your mind is impure.

         Your ego-mind is so terrified it doesn't want to surrender to non-duality.  It doesn't want to accept the deepest layers of God, so it's going to deny them and reject them and you’ll struggle.  Then you’ll create some very terrible trips.  That’s why there are so many bad trip reports on DPT.

         -If you’re just playing around with DPT, you need to watch out!!  You've been warned!!


                  Dreaming on DPT

         -With 5-MeO, after a deep breakthrough experience, you’re likely to trip that same night or for a few nights afterwards. You're going to have spontaneous reoccurrences of the peak 5-MeO state.  But Leo had a DPT sleep experience that was distinctly more vivid and non-dual.  It was unlike any sleep experience he’s had with 5-MeO.

         -After Leo’s big DPT trip, he went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night.  His neighbours were making some noise outside, so he couldn't sleep.  He was tossing and turning, not sure if he should just get up and start the day early even though he was tired.  His mind was also racing.

         Eventually he fell back asleep and had the craziest dream. It was an awakening so deep that it went deeper than any awakening he’d ever had on any psychedelic, including 5-MeO, and this was in his dream!

         This dream was so vivid.  In it, Leo confronted an old role model who he had really looked up to when he was first starting personal development.  In the dream, Leo’s role model was super jacked, shirtless and pumped full of steroids.  He was muscled up beyond anything human, a hulk-like figure, and Leo confronted him!


Make-Future.jpg  Rocksmell.jpg

         He was trying to explain everything he had discovered through psychedelics, all his breakthroughs and mystical awakenings.  He also tried explaining how we are all One.  Leo was so enthusiastic about sharing that he grabbed his old mentor’s massive shoulders and started shaking him, like he was trying to wake him up.  In that moment, Leo was completely annihilated.  He was so completely annihilated that he became his old mentor.  The distinction between Leo as a human and all other human beings was completely erased, as if it had never ever happened.

         Leo became every cell, every molecule, in his old mentor’s body.  They were indistinguishable from each other, to the point where there was no trace or memory of who Leo ever was as a human being.  Just total annihilation.

         Then Leo’s dream quickly shifted scenes to his elementary school.  He was in fifth grade, surrounded by five or six other kids.  They were looking at Leo like he had gone insane.  Leo was looking back at them in amazement.  He couldn’t understand how those kids thought they were alive or that duality was real.

         Leo was having an awakening that was so deep, he couldn't even imagine the concept of being alive.  It was a depth of wakefulness where you’re so completely selfless and annihilated that you can't even know that you're human anymore.  The notion of being a living organism is so foreign and so untrue that it's both unthinkable and physically impossible.  That’s the level of wakefulness, of non-duality, of total enlightenment that he was at.

         This was more than a collapse of the ego; it was a complete collapse of the self. And of the world, the universe, of history, of memories, of absolutely everything.  It was pure annihilation.  He was so indistinguishable from all others that he couldn’t even conceive of duality or Relative Truth.

         It’s a state where you're completely annihilated and you become totally one with God.  You are God at that point, but the problem is you can never explain it to anyone.



         This is where the problem of solipsism comes in.  When you realize you're God and One with everything, you also realize that you’re the only thing that exists.  Not the little, egoic you (that’s been annihilated at this point), but as the Godhead, the All and the Infinite, there’s nothing else to reflect yourself back to because you’re everything.  There are no mirrors you can look into.

         What's so haunting, beautiful and tragic is that you can never tell this to anyone because you're completely alone.  Only you, as God, have the power to cognize yourself fully, totally, absolutely as what you actually are.

         So when you realize that you are pure imagination, you have no one to share that with.  You are imagining everyone in order to have an experience of duality, of Relative Truth. That’s exactly what's happening right now!

         I'm imagining talking you, and vice versa; you're imagining me.  So really, is just you telling yourself about what you are!

         All these insights are orders of magnitude beyond anything that can be explained or taught. A breakthrough DPT trip is a complete collapse of the boundary between self and other, but you have to experience it to truly understand it and the implications of it.


  • “But Leo haven't you realized all this stuff about non-duality before?”

         Yes, Leo’s experienced non-duality on 5-MeO and with other substances.  The thing is, a peak 5-MeO-DMT trip is not a complete dissolution of the boundary between self and other.  Even though you’re in a nondual state, you still have a sense of being separate, of being your own self.  You remember your past, your personality, your body and your identity.

         -With DPT, the boundary between self and other is completely annihilated.  You can’t conceive of having a separate body from another person. Or separate genetics, or separate personalities, or separate life histories, memories, desires, or needs.  With Leo’s DPT trip, all of that stuff got wiped away.  It was a state where you and I are truly identical.


  • “But Leo, this was all a dream, so it doesn’t count!”

         From pure consciousness, there’s no such thing as “dream” or “not a dream.”  Consciousness is way beyond any such categories or distinctions because consciousness is prior to all distinctions and dualities. Consciousness is Absolute Truth, dualities are Relative Truth.

         So, the distinction of "dream vs. not-a-dream" depends on consciousness, whereas consciousness does not depend on the category of “dream vs. not a dream” to exist.  Consciousness exists prior to duality and Relative Truth.

         This insight about the Absolute, about Enlightenment, is beyond anything that can be taught, spoken or experienced.  Beyond anything you can meditate your way towards.  Even beyond anything you can trip your way towards.


  • “But Leo, tripping isn’t the same as being Enlightened, so it doesn’t really count.”

         -Yes, breakthrough experiences on psychedelics are peak experiences that you can’t live life from everyday.  It’s too high a degree of non-dual consciousness.

         However, knowing what your ultimate, true nature is makes it easier to handle the ups and downs and screw ups of life.

         -It’s also important to distinguish between experiencing enlightenment versus embodying enlightenment.  A peak state goes away after a few minutes and you probably won’t be able to embody it, especially if you’re new to spirituality.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that you got a glimpse of non-duality and that Absolute Truth exists.  You can still use those peak experiences to 100x your everyday spiritual practice.


                  Your Psychedelic Mileage May Vary

         There's enormous variability among people’s experience with psychedelics, from the most positive to the most negative and everything in between.  Your experiences with DPT might not be as positive as Leo’s.

         There are huge differences between human brain types, genetics, personality types, levels of consciousness and so forth.  For you, 5-MeO might be more powerful than DPT or some other psychedelic.  Even though all that stuff is imaginary from Absolute Truth, it’s still makes a big difference within Relative Truth. (episode: Relative vs Absolute Truth)

         -Remember that Relative Truth matters a great deal to you because you’re a human.  As a human you experience pain, suffering, anxiety, fear and so forth.  You can’t escape problems that occur at the level of Relative Truth just by saying everything is ultimately imaginary because of Absolute Truth.  That’s spiritual bypassing.

         -The idea that “being enlightened means you’re immune from experiencing the pain of Relative Truth" is silly.


Psychedelics and Safety

         • Psychedelics connect you with your imagination. Because you're able to imagine literally whatever you want, your trips will reflect your cognitive development and level of consciousness.

         • Watch the episode “The Top Dangers Of Using Psychedelics”.  Summary can be found here.

         • Don’t misuse psychedelics.  Don’t just try them recreationally (especially DPT).  Don’t do it if you’re under 21.  Don’t do it if you’re immature.

         • Be responsible with psychedelics.  Do them at the right dosages, using the right methods of administration.  Increase your dose gradually each time.  Don’t just wing it and do a big dose cause you’re impatient or want to party.

         • Gradually ease your way into psychedelics.  Don't do more than you can handle.  You have to be very careful, even if you're doing it with a shaman.  You could spend ten or twenty years exploring psychedelics and still not see most of it.  It's a deep field of mastery.

         • Research chemicals, like DPT, are in a legal grey area.  In some countries, they’re not scheduled or controlled “officially,” but that doesn't mean it’s 100% legal to consume them.  Keep all of that in mind.

         • Don’t break the law.  You can find ways to do them legally, like traveling to other countries or doing Ayahuasca ceremonies, like in South America.  There are also ibogaine clinics in Costa Rica and Canada.  There are Native American churches that offer peyote.    

         • These experiences are so incredible, it’s worth flying to another country to try them out.  You can make a vacation or journey out of it.  If you have to hike through the Amazon to have your psychedelic journey in a legal manner, that will be part of your growth.  None of that experience is a waste.

         The cost of travelling will be offset by the ripple effect of having your first few mystical experiences.  Finding God can help you heal your depression or anxiety or just give you a new sense of direction in life.

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           -5-MeO-MALT is a little-known research chemical that’s as powerful, if not more powerful, than 5-MeO-DMT.  Leo’s had some ridiculously powerful God realizations on MALT.  MALT is not as well documented as 5-MeO-DMT.  Because of this the potential dangers are higher with MALT than with more common psychedelics like LSD, shrooms and DMT.

            Do not do research chemicals unless you are mature and understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into.  The responsibility is on you to use these substances very carefully and to follow all safety protocols and guidelines.

           -Don’t expect MALT or any psychedelic to be a magic pill that solves all your inner issues.  Drugs won’t let you side step the need for inner work, meeting your survival needs intelligently, grounding between trips and proper integration.

           -The descriptions of MALT in this episode are based on Leo’s experiences.  There aren’t many trip reports out there, so we’re dealing with a tiny sample size.  Your experience will likely be different because Leo’s a very experienced psychonaut who follows proper safety protocols.  He’s done hundred of trips and years of inner work.  You might have to spend years working up to the kind of beautiful trips that Leo has experienced on MALT.

           -In this summary, DMT refers to 5-MeO-DMT and not n,n-DMT.


           In a nutshell:

  • 5-MeO-MALT is more loving, gentle, feminine and erotic than 5-MeO-DMT.  MALT has all the same qualities as DMT, but in a different flavour.
  • It’s holistic, very stable and great for contemplation and trip exploration (more on that below).
  • Visuals are mild.  It has a lower body load than DMT.
  • Start with a low dose then work your way up.  Be responsible.  Ensure that your set, setting, and dosages are proper.
  • At high doses, MALT packs an epic mindfuck that will melt your whole reality down to a puddle.  Say goodbye to all sense of “other.” If you have big fears about solipsism, don’t take MALT.


           MALT & Dosing:

  • The trip lasts 90 to 120 mins when plugged.  Only 20 to 30 mins when vaped.
  • Dosing is similar for MALT as it is for DMT.
    • Plugging starter dose: 8-10 mg
    • Vaping starter dose: 5 mg
  • Plugging is perfect for MALT.
  • Vaping is more intense and more likely to lead to a bad trip.  The trip is a lot shorter too.
  • Micro scoops are more accurate than milligram scales.  Scales can be wildly inaccurate, unless they're laboratory grade.  But scales are fine for measuring shrooms and maybe even DPT.



       -Make sure to post your trip reports!!  Leo’s excited to get feedback about MALT and start gathering data.



            -MALT has enormous potential to psychologically and spiritually heal people.  It deserves to be explored and researched.  We're making history by talking about it.  Even most serious psychonauts don't know about MALT, and they’re missing out!

            Leo discovered MALT by experimenting with various research chemicals.  He didn’t invent it in a lab of course, which is too bad.  I was hoping he had a secret drug dealer name, à la Heisenberg.

            -There’s a powerful love component to MALT.  If you want to discover the Absolute, Infinite Love of God this is an effective way to do it.

           -MALT will show you that everything is an infinite hallucination, infinite imagination, that absolutely everything you thought was real is unreal.  Things like science, math, logic, reason, language, society, humanity, the Earth, human history.  MALT will take you to Infinity and God realization. You will be coming face to face with God.

           -MALT is not a recreational psychedelic.  Don’t do this at a party around a bunch of people in a loud setting.  Do this with a serious spiritual intent.

            -Leo’s never had a bad trip on MALT, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a bad trip.  Leo starts with low doses and observes all proper safety protocols (set, setting, dosage).

           -Exploration can be dangerous and risky, so you need to be aware of those risks.  How much risk are you willing to handle?  Misusing MALT can cause genuine injury, both psychologically and physically.  If you give a normie MALT and just blast his consciousness, he’ll have a bad trip because he's not prepared.


Your Body and Senses on MALT

           • MALT has no tolerance just like DMT. You could dose often, but you shouldn’t do it more than once a week.  Don’t do it multiple times a day either.  It can become addictive.  

           • MALT has very mild visuals.  Slightly stronger visuals than 5-MeO-DMT, but not nearly as many as n,n-DMT.  There’s no fractal geometry.  It has a faint neon, magenta tint that’s very beautiful.  It has more colour and flavor than 5-MeO-DMT.

           • MALT is much more comfortable, manageable and less nauseating.  It still has a body load but less so compared to DMT.  A lower body load means you can focus more on contemplation rather than body discomfort.

           DMT has a pretty strong body load for most people, especially when you're coming up.  You can feel nauseated or get all tense.  You may have to work through bodily tension in order to access the deeper, metaphysical, existential aspects necessary for contemplation and consciousness raising.

           • You’re still very much in control of your body with low to medium doses of MALT.  Because it doesn’t distort the visual field very much, you’re less likely to lose control of your body.  Although that could happen if you take too much of it.

            High doses or breakthrough doses of MALT can create such deep states of infinite consciousness that you won't really be able to walk around very much.


Your Consciousness on MALT

           • MALT is holistic and very stable.  Because MALT is stable with a long trip time, you can stay in the God-realization state for much longer than with DMT.  You can also experience long strands of thought which makes it great for contemplation.  Shrooms can give you short, twisty, loopy thoughts, which makes it less holistic.

           At high enough doses, terrifying levels of Oneness, Love and Ecstasy are possible(It’s almost as euphoric as watching Cap’ lift Mjolnir for the first time ?)

            Yes, it is possible to experience so much Love and Unity that it scares you and drives you crazy.  Leo talks about this here in his interview with Curt Jaimungal.  Part of your spiritual work is raising your capacity to experience greater and greater levels of love and bliss.

           • Too much MALT can unravel your mind and reality.  You can potentially develop mental disorders and lose grounding in your life.  You might start acting out in unhealthy ways with your relationships, career, money, your physical body, etc.

           • MALT is very solipsistic.  If you want to maintain the illusion of other people, this substance is not for you.

           • It'll blast away all your ideas about enlightenment and the stuff your gurus have taught you.  All of that is nonsense compared to what MALT can show you.


Substance Purity

            -You have to be careful about the purity of whatever substance you’re taking. One way to judge purity is by color.  The closer it is to white or off-white, the purer the formulation.  If a substance is darker in color, you should start with an extra low starter dose. Just make sure you’re not having any allergic reaction to impurities.  Your body should feel good and comfortable, like nothing's being damaged.

            -Start slow, dose gradually (by 5 mg), until you figure out your personal breakthrough dose.  Check for allergic reactions or weird sensations.  Does it feel healthy or toxic?  

            -MALT is naturally brown.  The MALT Leo used was the color of brown sugar.  Other trip reports say it looks like hot chocolate powder.


Route of Administration

           -Don't assume you can handle a medium dose right off the bat. MALT is very easy to overdo and overuse because it's very potent.  The most that Leo has done is 22 mg plugged.  That caused a crazy deep trip.


  • Plugging is the recommended method for MALT.  Leo has a video on plugging.  Summary is found here.
  • You can plug the freebase or HCL version, but freebase must be dissolved in vinegar or coconut milk. Here’s a video on how to do that.  Freebase is also 10-20% more potent than HCL.
  • A trip lasts 90 to 120 mins when plugged.
  • For plugging, start with 8 to 10 mg.  That will produce a solid trip, maybe even a breakthrough trip (Leo had a breakthrough at 10mg).  After that, you can increase your dose by 5 mg for each subsequent trip.


  • You can vape MALT, but it’s more likely to lead to a bad trip.  It makes the trip more intense and short.  It’s also bad for your lungs.
  • MALT is so extremely potent that it’s easy to overdose and blast yourself into a trip you can’t handle.
  • The HCL version doesn't vape as cleanly as the freebase version.
  • A trip lasts 20 to 30 mins when vaped.
  • For vaping, start very low, like 5 mg, and gradually work your way up.  Even 10 mg will be very powerful.  15 mg will probably be stratospheric.


Comparing Different Psychedelics

            -Structurally MALT is quite similar to 5-MeO-DMT.  If you have plenty of experience with DMT then you'll feel right at home with MALT.

            -MALT has some crazy deep potential for Love realization, while being less intense than DMT.  It’s quite a potent combination!  MALT trips are longer, so you can explore the space a lot more practically than DMT.

            -MALT is more feminine, loving, pleasant and positive than DMT.  DMT is amazing, but can be rough, masculine and brutal.  DMT is very radical in how it deconstructs your ego-mind and takes you straight to God realization.

            -MALT is more gentle.  DMT just blasts you to infinity.  DMT can be so shocking that it's difficult to understand and integrate post-trip.  MALT is less of a blast to infinity.  (Although you can blast yourself with any psychedelic at a high enough dose.) 

            -Don’t assume that all 5-MeOs are the same or good, there are bad ones too.  Each psychedelic feels different.  5-MeO-MiPT feels more erotic and physically stimulating than MALT.  Whereas, salvia and 5-MeO-DPT feel dangerous, nasty and sinister.  Leo’s also tried 5-MeO-DALT and said it was “not worth taking.”

            -Having breakthroughs on DMT changes the characteristics of all other psychedelics afterwards.  It probably changes the characteristics of MALT too.

            -MALT is holistic and very stable.  Two metrics that Leo uses to gauge different psychedelics is holism and stability. 



            -The more holistic a substance is, the more it allows you to think long, deep chains of elevated thought at a higher dimension, especially compared to the thoughts you have during the sober state.

            -Some psychedelics make it easier to focus and contemplate.  Ordinarily, it’s tough to focus without being distracted.  This makes contemplation difficult, same with probing deeply into existential questions.  In order to understand advanced topics, you need a very very stable mind with excellent focus.  Ordinary human neurophysiology doesn’t generally allow this, or requires you to train through meditation and concentration practices.

           -Some psychedelics can even expand both the length and breadth of your thoughts. Your thoughts can become multi-dimensional, multi-threaded and multi-faceted.  Much like going from a single core cpu to a multi-core hyper-threaded cpu.  Of course, integrating your insights afterwards can be a challenge.

            -Unholistic psychedelics will twist your thoughts around, like shrooms and LSD.  Your thoughts can get loopy and twisty, like you have ADD.  That makes it tougher to contemplate because you lack focus and get lost in a myriad of topics and tangents.  That can also veer off into a bad trip, which is not useful for the work of raising your consciousness.



            -The more stable a substance is the more you can explore your trip, probe into it and luxuriate in it.  MALT is remarkably stable, which is part of what makes it amazing.  It allows your mind to expand into a God realization state and stay there for a good 30, 60, 90 mins.

             You can deeply reflect upon every aspect of yourself as God and how you are dreaming up reality, your parents, your birth, other people, even the laws of physics, math and the universe.  You get to see in real time how the mechanics of consciousness work and what's really going on with reality.

            -Even if you’ve had some God realizations, it’s different than understanding the actual mechanism by which God is dreaming up this dream.  It took Leo many many many trips to understand that, and he’s had to use various substances to access that understanding.


  • “But Leo, MALT sounds very similar to 5-MeO-DMT.  Is there any point in trying it?”

            -The real answer is you won't know what you’re missing until you try.  For Leo, there was enormous value in trying MALT even after using DMT many many times.

             Each psychedelic will affect you in its own unique way.   They’ll also affect different people in different ways.  Trying out different substances and comparing them is like having an array of tools in your consciousness toolbox.

            -If you can't access MALT don't be bummed out.  DMT is still amazing, so are shrooms, LSD and n,n-DMT. You can still use other psychedelics to access the same basic insights and states of consciousness.  You can also do it through yoga, kriya yoga or meditation if you commit seriously enough.   

           -The choice for “best psychedelic” isn’t clearcut, unlike the choice for best, most superior Chris.  Different psychedelics are like different flavours of ice cream.

           -Be careful about dabbling in psychedelics while thinking that you “know it all.”  Just because you’ve tripped a few times doesn’t mean you understand how deep the rabbit hole goes.  So keep exploring and going deeper and deeper.


  • “But Leo, you keep having these awakenings and saying that each one’s deeper and better.  How do you know that your latest one is the deepest and truest one?

           -Insights on MALT do not contradict with insights on DMT, they dovetail.  You don’t have to decide “which trip to trust.”  Each trip causes a deepening of the same basic truth of Oneness, God, Love, Infinity, Consciousness, Non-Duality.  None of that changes.

            You can explore Truth from different angles, perspectives and flavors and grasp it at different levels of holism.  Then you can integrate the Truth and see how it plays out across your life in ever more comprehensive ways.

            -MALT will help you understand's most advanced teachings. (Yes yes, insert joke about squirting…water pistols—pewpew).  You can understand where reality came from, why it exists, what is God, what is Love, what is Truth, what is Consciousness, what is Ego?  What is the purpose of Life?

            MALT makes the highest truth crystal clear, but it’ll take more than a couple trips, because you have a lot of psychological baggage and false beliefs to bust through.  You will have to deconstruct materialism, science, your gurus, your attachments, and all your ideas about enlightenment.

            You need to lay down a foundation to understand all the radical insights that will come to you through MALT.  But if you gradually work your way up and do the work that’s taught at, you’ll be prepared.


The Legalities of MALT

            -This episode provides general information about MALT.  What you do with this information is 100% your responsibility.  Consider the risks and dangers.  They’re not just mental and physical, but legal as well.

  • “But Leo, is this substance even legal in my country?”

            -Well, it depends on the country in which you live.  You have to check the laws and check the situation there.  Leo ain’t giving you any legal advice. What are the opportunities and the potential risks?

            -Although MALT is fairly unknown, your country might have various analog laws that ban the entire class of psychedelics.  MALT might fall into that category, so do your research!


  • “But Leo, I don't wanna do anything illegal I don't wanna get into trouble.”

           -Some psychedelics might be legal where you live.  There are different types out there.  It’s worth researching.

           -Consider travelling to a country where you can do them legally. There are ayahuasca and peyote ceremonies all over the world, or ibogaine clinics that treat addiction.  You have to explore the possibilities and do your research.

           -Most people have more options than they realize. If you're serious about enlightenment work and you don't take psychedelics seriously, then you're not serious about this work. 


  • “But Leo, travelling to do psychedelics is too much of a hassle.”

            It’s less hassle than spending ten years struggling in meditation and never realizing you're God.  Going to meditation retreats or therapy and buying book after book after book is a lot of work too.  That costs time, energy and money.  Even if it costs $2000 for airfare, hotel and an ayahuasca ceremony, if you have a breakthrough experience into God realization that’s still a bargain.


The Future of MALT

           • MALT’s potential to transform and awaken humanity is enormous. The profound love that you can experience on MALT can have powerful therapeutic effects.  Same with it’s capacity to help you introspect into your psyche and observe your ego-mind objectively.  That makes it very powerful for dissolving dysfunctional, psychological tendencies you might have.

           • If you try MALT, do it responsibly and carefully.  Leo releases his best content for free because he wants it to percolate through the culture.  Don’t slap him in the face by abusing MALT and giving it a bad reputation through reckless behavior.

           • We’re building MALT’s reputation right now, by how we behave.  Your behavior affects the image of psychedelics as a whole field.  So don’t abuse it like a devil, by running through the streets naked on MALT.  You don't just have a personal responsibility to not harm your body.  You also have a greater collective responsibility to give this miraculous substance the right image and reputation.

           • Extensive scientific research on MALT is still decades away.  Maybe it can be used to heal PTSD, suicide and depression, the way MDMA is being used.  But, if MALT gets a bad reputation, scientists won’t want to research it.  Society could demonize it, crack down on it and have it banned.  Then its therapeutic potential will be squashed, and the millions of people who could’ve been healed by it will never get to use it.  Do this work with love, respect and consciousness.


The Future of & Psychedelics

           -Moving forward, will be emphasizing psychedelics as a teaching tool.  Leo’s done a lot of introspection on this and has to be honest with you: psychedelics are the most direct and powerful teaching tools. 

           -To really understand the advanced material he wants to teach, you’ll have to use psychedelics.  Leo’s tried many ways to access deep existential insights and they’re simply not as effective at teaching others about the advanced subjects he wants to teach.  Things like the nature of self, of other, of Love, God, Truth, Consciousness, Existence, science and so forth.  If you're not using psychedelics you're simply wasting time.  That's just the bottom line.

            (Keep in mind, you don’t need psychedelics for a lot of goals like pursuing your life purpose, or getting a great romantic relationship, or healing psychological wounds, or handling your survival needs, etc.  Your strategies need to fit your goals.)


  • “But Leo, are you saying everyone should do psychedelics?”

           -No.  You should treat psychedelics like a loaded gun.  You shouldn’t do psychedelics if you’re under 21, if you’re immature, if you have addiction issues, if you have serious mental illness, if you are being prescribed mind-altering medication, if you’re not willing to take safety precautions, and if you can’t take 100% responsibility for the consequences of doing psychedelics, among other reasons.

           Watch Leo’s episode on “The Top Dangers of Using Psychedelics.” (Summary is here).

           -Psychedelics and enlightenment aren’t magic pills.  Get good at basic self-help first.  If you’re pursuing Enlightenment before fulfilling your survival needs, you’re putting the cart before the horse.  They can destabilize your reality if you’re not already grounded or if your brain chemistry doesn’t react well to them.

           -If you’re close-minded and don't have the desire to understand reality, then psychedelics won’t work.  It’s why some people can party and trip for decades and never raise their consciousness.

           -If you abuse psychedelics, it’s also not going to work.  But if you use it responsibly, carefully and deliberately with the right intentions, it's gonna work.  Leo’s use of psychedelics is always done with extreme caution and with attention to safety.  So, Leo’s not forcing you to take psychedelics (and he’s definitely not sharing his stash with you :P).


  • “But Leo, why are you so gung-ho on psychedelics when meditation and self-inquiry are just as powerful?”

          -When it comes to pursuing enlightenment and truly understanding reality, meditation and self-inquiry simply aren’t as powerful as psychedelics.  Sorry.

            The thing that’s preventing you from understanding reality at the deepest levels is your inadequate state of consciousness, aka: the level of consciousness that you're occupying right now.

            The baseline normie state of human consciousness is insufficient to integrate every facet of the Godhead or understand how all of reality is constructed using God's imagination.

           -It is recommended that you maintain a spiritual practice apart from psychedelics for other reasons though.  Meditation, yoga, and self-inquiry will build up your concentration skills and have other health and psychological benefits.  But the truth is those practices aren’t effective at reaching the deepest, most holistic understanding of God.  Meditation alone isn’t going to boost your consciousness high enough.


  • “But Leo, are you saying psychedelics are the only path to enlightenment?  Then why do so many gurus say otherwise?”

           -Psychedelics aren’t the only path, but they’re the most direct path to God realization.

            The problem is that your teachers are misleading you.  A lot of gurus who poopoo psychedelics haven’t tried them or don’t quite realize that most people aren’t spiritually gifted.  Sure, people like Jesus or Maharshi don’t need the boost to attain Enlightenment, but that’s probably not you.

            A lot of gurus and people who have spontaneous awakenings have natural talent that put them in the top 1% of spiritual giftedness.  That’s why they can get disproportionate results by using easy, mundane spiritual practices.  The bottom 99% cannot get the same results simply through 30 mins of daily meditation.  It’s a deep disservice when the top 1% pretend as though the bottom 99% can stroll along the same easy path as the top 1%.

           -It’s a ridiculous failure on behalf of teachers.  It’s more helpful and honest to say that you’re unlikely to be in the top 1% and that you will have enormous challenges that gifted people don’t have to face. The average spiritual seeker could waste 10 or 20 years on ineffective practices and still have no clue about God or Love or Consciousness.

           -Why waste all of that time and energy when you can take a psychedelic like MALT and understand directly within 15 to 30 mins.  You don't need a book or a guru or a Leo Gura.  All you need is a psychedelic, a set of careful safety protocols, a genuine desire to understand and a very open mind. You can experience profound epiphanies that will save you years and decades.

           -It’s a miracle that these substances exist.  You're not going to believe what this will do to your consciousness.  It will take you to levels that you could never ever reach through meditation or yoga, unless you were to devote 20 years to meditating and living in a cave.  Thing is, even if you did meditate in a cave for 20 years, there's no guarantee you’d reach the depth of consciousness you could on a psychedelic.

           -Make sure you’re not in denial about all of that.   


  • But Leo, why can’t you feed me answers like a baby bird? Gimme proof for God, for love, for solipsism, for the afterlife, for death, for heaven, for for for…  Answer my questions goddamit, especially the creepy ones about your sex life…”

           -Leo’s done episodes on all that stuff (even his sex life!)  He can’t keep explaining the birds and the bees of awakening over and over again.  There are lots of things you can only understand through experience and by doing the work.

            Talking about something is not the same as viscerally experiencing it for yourself. Leo can’t explain psychedelics to you better than you actually taking a psychedelic.  He spends so much time on the forum and in the comments section and on podcasts or interviews trying to explain God or awakening or Love, when it’d be much easier for people to understand by taking a psychedelic.  It’s easy to waste a lot of time talking in circles around these topics.

           -Most people won’t be able to understand Leo’s most advanced teachings without psychedelics.  There are many aspects of reality that can only be understood by experiencing a high enough state of consciousness that you get on a psychedelic trip.  (Basically, you have to be high to understand xD)


  • “But Leo, you're just stuck on psychedelics and blah blah blah-baddy blah…”

            -If you don’t like Leo’s stance on psychedelics or you think tripping is fake and bad, you can always watch someone else’s content. Instead of trying to convince Leo to reject psychedelics, pick a more attainable goal like making pigs fly.   

            He has his own unique approach and bias towards spirituality.  To him, the responsible use of psychedelics is a more direct path to awakening than meditation and self-inquiry alone.  (Although those two practices are very beneficial in their own right).  He has to teach in a way that’s aligned with the deepest truths that he’s realized.

           -Also, you can still get a lot of value out of even if you skip all of the stuff about psychedelics.  Leo’s non-psychedelic material is good for developing other aspects of your life. It’s also good prep work in case you ever do decide to try psychedelics.  However, don’t expect Leo to change his stance on psychedelics just because you don’t like it.

Edited by FlyingLotus

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Here's an excellent post on How To Store Your Psychedelics:


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@tedens That’s a good tip.  Pick a good tip!

A 1 ml syringe is your best bet.  They’re only 6 mm or 0.24 inches in diameter.

Coconut oil is your friend :)


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On 8/1/2022 at 5:38 PM, Bojan V said:

@FlyingLotus Thank you?? for everything you do on this forum! This is amazing and you are amazing? too!

Awww, thanks!  I appreciate that :D

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On 8/3/2022 at 1:16 AM, Vido said:

take my money

Haha, I appreciate the sentiment, but don't worry.  I won't take your money!

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@FlyingLotus You are an absolute expert, thanks for all this research! Hope in your country you can try out all these substances you researched about so good

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@OBEler Thanks! Glad you find it helpful. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to live in a country that has access to a number of research chemicals :D


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8 minutes ago, FlyingLotus said:

@OBEler Thanks! Glad you find it helpful. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to live in a country that has access to a number of research chemicals :D

Naughty girl.

Edited by Leo Gura

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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9 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

Naughty girl.

By "research chemicals" I mean maple syrup and cinnamon sugar beaver tails.  At the right dose both substances can make you see God :D

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4 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

@FlyingLotus Don't tempt me with maple syrup.


48 minutes ago, FlyingLotus said:

By "research chemicals" I mean maple syrup and cinnamon sugar beaver tails.  At the right dose both substances can make you see God :D

"Mmmmmmmmm…. Waffles….. Your mind lingers. You can barely remember the last time you allowed yourself to indulge in waffles. You think to yourself, “Why don’t I treat myself more?”

You look down at your feet. The sand is in the process of transforming into a grid of waffle. Waffles stretches out to the horizon in all directions. Now you stand in the middle of vast, gently rolling waffle dunes. You feel the spongy, grid-like texture under your bare feet." ~ @Leo Gura

In the Vast Expanse everything that arises is Lively Awakened Awareness.

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She does not have to tempt with anything because she is an angel.

Edited by tedens

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On 9/30/2022 at 1:41 AM, Hello from Russia said:

@FlyingLotus what country are you from? 

@Hello from Russia Hello from Canada ????


On 9/30/2022 at 2:18 AM, Leo Gura said:

@FlyingLotus Don't tempt me with maple syrup.

Haha, that gives me a great idea for Halloween.


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On 9/24/2022 at 2:51 PM, Alex_R said:

recommend the best videos to watch while tripping

I’m sure there are several good episodes for tripping.  These four come to mind.

-The Power Of Self Acceptance - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up

-How To Forgive Anyone Who Hurt You - A Powerful Trauma Release Exercise

-Guided Exercise For Realizing You Are God

-Guided Exercises For Understanding Infinite Consciousness

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