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Happy Lizard

life purpose course to help me find my path in life ?

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I wrote a very long post about how I feel lost and can't find a career path form myself that goes with my intuition of what I feel is right for me. then I decided to summaries it for simplicity and so don't get too lost in details :


basically I'm struggling to find a path in life, my college degree isn't what I like or hoped for, information technology is big and growing where I'm located and I thought that I'd easily find a job after graduating, especially since I have the skills, I'm good with coding and actually liked it. I excelled at it from the beginning, and was better than all my peers. I studied networking, studied data engineering and got certified as a cloud architect, but still can't find a job.

I'm now hired with a recruiting company that is trying to find me a job with data engineering, but I'm still laking the motivation to go on and persue this all the way through. I really feel like I'm either going to get it or not, and it gets tough the more I find a challenge the more I feel like I can do it and will get somewhere and breakthrough, and then I don't. IDK I think data engineering might not be right for, me or anything in Information technology for that matter. the problem is: I've already completed college, I'm an immigrant and I need a job to get my life situation together. so its trying to balance both priorities, and what I would like to do in life, and it's a tough carp to go through, since I've got reality on one side and what I dream of becoming at the other. 

I really like art and everything visual since I was a child, it's really and truly me dream to become something within the art field. I really love it and would do anything to become a full time artist on any whatever medium. 

However, how do I now if I'm not making sacrifice in this situation ? the stability a regular job can get me can really switch my life upside down and give me so much self growth and motivation. truly. 

You see how I'm torn between two sides and trying to make the best choices I can with at-most maturity and sobriety considering my life situation. but I still feel like I'm not following my life calling.

I wanted to make this post to see if the life purpose  course is going to be suitable for me now ?  should I do it later or now is a good time ?

I don't know if I made it quite clear in the post but I have to be 100% sober in this life situation I'm in, and can't mess up and run after a dream at all. I don't know what the consequences of this might be, so I'm really focus on each step being the right step for me. I would really not like it if the life course purpose was to make me chase a dream and lose track of reality. 

Would really appreciate your thoughts, please ask me tp clarify anyting if you're not clear on whatever I stated in the post.

Thank you for reading.

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The LP course has valuable information aiming to help people in situations like you. You do whatever you want with it.

On 27/8/2021 at 8:30 PM, Happy Lizard said:

I would really not like it if the life course purpose was to make me chase a dream and lose track of reality. 

In fact it makes you very practical with life.

Not only practical but the spiritual component aswell. It makes clear from the begining that fear is a component of the equation and so it gives you tools to conquer it. A lot of material that you don't need to swallow everything at once (you can't). Just with proper integration and patience.

There is growth if you give a piece of your time to it.

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