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improv to start the day just woke up have urselves a lovely one fuckers :P 

Love it! Listening to this made me smile.

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@Ineedanswers I am not a nice person. Please take your qn’s elsewhere. Thanks so much don’t want to be at all connected to “game” think many of those dudes bullshitting cunts that I want to hit with a baseball bat and feed to my dog after I’m done with ‘em.

All the best and ‘much love’

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Regarding previous post: What could a policewoman do with a true criminal genius other than fall for his seductive charm while in a police interview? For now until such a time I have the moment to express a full account, I am legally within my right to withhold disclosure here :P .

Now, the theme for January's wisdom learned from 2021 is Awareness. Each month we will have a new theme.

Each day I will present 1 new "wisdom idea" that you can take as you please, I will say to this effect each week so there is no hidden misdemeanours that can reveal my corruptibility enough to warrant handcuffs outside those strapped to the queen sized bedpost.

Wisdom from 2021

Theme: Awareness

  1. Unity Awareness is the awareness of the wise

Firstly, let me explain what this means beyond preconceptions you may already have.

Distinctly, Unity Awareness is awareness that brings about unity and I attempt to do so by recognising the dimensionality of awareness that through recognition brings about an ego congruence that balance the inner and outer world.

Very practically, I make myself aware of how any important thoughts I have about anything are in line with:

(1) what I know about the "real world" (mind of world)

(2) what I have experienced biographically (mind of soul)

(3) what I feel in my intuition (mind of heart)

(4) where it counts, what can be observably seen and or resolving with the observably seen (mind of eyes)

(5) what I know about the mind, i.e. cognitive biases (mind of mind)

This has been especially important for envisioning my accomplishments for the rest of the year, at no level here do any of this lose value and every level has its own unique purposeful cause for us to unravel via creative scripture, inner exploration and primal intuition.

I have learned a tremendous amount from last years experiences that I am still enjoying the process of synthesising into life long lessons. If I had of blessed myself with this understanding at the beginning of last it would have been much easier for me to prepare for both potential future opportunities and problems of various kinds. They're the simple lenses which drive our native intelligence to fill a space which creates a self-learned map for us to traverse and develop further greater insight, if you will.

Finally, for the first I will personally be as universal as possible. This tends to make me more curious about the greater world I must continually learn new things about. For the second I will go as far back, forward and sometimes creatively alternate (i.e. alternate realities) so that it makes me more curious about the causality of my lived experience so that I continually develop the natural drive to bring greater logical coherence between all of my actions, aka prior actions can be explained by future goals and future goals are mapped based on past behaviours in seamless and constructive ways that don't detract from the present representation of self in any one lived point in awareness. For the third, I will utilise the entire body while listening to the deeper self within my heart so that I can continue to develop a greater grounded sense of self with the greater present moment spiritual self. This often informs where to place consciousness in the context of the first and second, vice versa, with our being consistently learning how to do this to increasingly greater levels of mastery. For the fourth, we have a mirrored relationship with the third, connecting with sensory, mental, being processes simultaneously. For the fifth, we embrace 1-4 to integrate with the fifth at greater levels of synthesis that informs the development of the fifth via perhaps then too, original insights into our own understandings of our own minds inner workings, which of course should be the goal. For science has never individually studied our own mind outside us using scientific reasoning on ourselves to its best use and no further or otherwise.

Altogether, this for me personally establishes a reality that "makes sense" in all the noted important areas which brings the inferred Unity Awareness.

That's all for now, I wish to keep these as simple as possible while driving home a greater goal in their holistic integration. For example, one goal I have for the first ten is to in part paint a geometry that in their collective utilisation it leads to a greater sense of ego congruence with the universe.

Daily share.

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Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

Todays lesson can only be spoken.

It is in the title.

Do everything you can do to get to it.

2. Live ONLY your full expression

(as you feel it from the core of your being, rebelling against anything that takes you away from this self rulership, ownership, kingdom of heaven that is yours and only yours and that is only your being : Beyond thought, beyond mind, true energy)

True Awareness can only come from the absence of inner falsity and the absence of inner falsity spells out your full expression. 



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Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

So, I honestly don’t think upgrading from millionaire to multimillionaire is going to be all that difficult for me. I know I just need to have a practical goal for me to singularly focus on because I have all of these other ambitions I’m trying to complete, naturally as you can all tell. Making money is pretty straightforward once you have the practicals, you just need the diligence and the focus which is why I prioritise it simply as an attentional strategy. Having said that, now I’ll move to something that is actually genuinely fucking difficult haha.

This one is going to take a little imagination. 

Money isn’t impressive, it’s how we use our time that is. Money mostly is a biological bias most people have been socially conditioned to have, as we all know. People have been so conditioned by modern science by the same token that they’ll moronically see me as “virtue signalling” or something analogous to whatever effect because that’s their engrained bias that they’re too stupid to see through. Hence why we’re starting with our first month on Awareness haha.

Moving on.

3. Meeting self with the single universal eye.

This will bring rapid transformation of the identities that create self. It is a pure awareness principle and it is the imagination of the ultimate truth that does lead to being grounded in the present moment truth (in case you saw that as a problem).

This is an “augmentation of consciousness” problem to intuitively solve via awareness designed to increase the latter and the former together, inclusive of the automatic self comprehension of existence and self.

Self is simply the single structure that appears to us as us as we experience consciousness.

The single eye is the single unit of consciousness in imaginative form that you’ve connected with as being the truth of existence in its most pure, simple and beautiful form.

Both individuation and integration are paths that uniquely lead towards this destination bringing us closer and closer to this single eye at an unconscious level. At the end point we see this as the beginning endpoint to increasingly greater levels of enlightenment.

To me, we have such a fascination with eyes because for one of those reasons this principle for lack of a better word actually represents a truth that we’re searching for in the relationship we form between eyes, knowledge, truth and power.

This is a semi-forceful way to establish unity consciousness and it operates on the basis of being able to achieve a few things.

Changing your bodies chemistry based on attempting to align consciousness with the imagined form, aka mental alchemy. Bare in mind that in your alignment you’re simultaneously becoming aware of say all the falsity that could be within consciousness inclusive of all social and emotional conditioning that you’ve correctly inferred is outside of this imagined universal eye.

Next, honing and aligning your focus between this imagined form and your consciousness and treating it as a meditation.

Lastly, actively ensuring on a periodic basis you’re improving the shape between your consciousness and the alignment as well as the refinement of your imagination.

It is my belief that this single eye is not just simply an imagined form, the truth of it exists in pure form within every humans imagination because it is not just an abstraction it’s a truth of the universe that exists which we can see and find origin with in our awareness.

Edited by lxlichael
(in short in this explanation not third eye stuff and feel free to pose questions: this idea is self contained and is a self-derived truth)

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Perfect Humility, Perfect Universal Alignment, Ultimate Power is Your Power

This entry is going to be a gateway to shattering the ego following what's been shared in the third lesson above. 

You're already ultimately humble, you're already ultimately perfect in the sum of reality. Our only purpose in this life is to align with the purpose of reality and we can only truly do this with an increase in our awareness.

If you're like most humans, you likely see yourself predominantly from the perspective of your own human ego, as such you look at things mainly through the lens of your experience as opposed to an in the moment present oriented awareness of a truth of reality.

We've all been here, my history indicates that I've been here often and, probably like you as well, I've been other places too. 

Some of those places can be truths like this one which appear not as an abstraction but upon reflection on truth experienced within the imagination of consciousness which has a very direct sensory alignment with absolute reality as opposed to feeling like a "day dream" of the sorts. Raw contact.

This is one of those truths. So when I saw you're already ultimately humble, this is something that can be experienced first hand with a direct enhancement of awareness through following a thought tool like the one noted in number three that is designed to be a bridge to actualising the awareness that makes us aware of these truths. It is a reflection of the fact that because you're inseparable from the sum of the universe and the universe could never be any more or less humble, you too reflect this same perfect humility that is accessible to your greater alignment with universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is simply consciousness aligned with the universe in this self-aware, self-comprehending, self-understanding and first and foremost self-seeing within a self-sentient context. Perfect humility (only one characteristic of universal consciousness occurring as a result of this universal alignment / alignment with universal truth through absolute single awareness) here is just one reflection that is accessible to you, many others in fact all others that you become aware of in this sense as it concerns universal consciousness are accessible to you especially overtime the more you train this alignment between consciousness and its awareness of absolute truth within universal awareness / awareness of the truth of the universe.

Many of us, so far not including myself at least relative to my biography so far, as highly invested in psychedelics as a pathway to enhancing our consciousness and its access to the truth of reality, or where the one I've noted fits, the truths of reality. However, when we replace drugs with the dutiful growth in our intelligence in a natural sense, we replace the greater wisdom we garner from this practice with outcomes from those drugs that our experience and knowledge on how to use our consciousness is not ready for.

This experience we all have in reality in many ways is not so much what is the nature of consciousness but first and foremost how do we use our consciousness for the sake of consciousness itself, the opposite being the direct alignment with its destruction ergo many of the social problems we have in society which relate to the functioning of the nature of our sentience (aka mental health). If  I can pressure any direction it is for this year to not give psychedelics any thought at all unless you're truly ready for them ready to mastering your mind and consciousness. Have you written a book yet that reflects the mastery of your own being? This and its analogous forms serves as a good indication to me whether someone is truly ready to utilise substances which can potentially radically alter a consciousness that does not yet adequately know itself. 

Otherwise, increasingly greater understanding of the ultimate alignment we can have between this expressed universal form of consciousness on the one hand and universe on the other, this is ultimate level of power we will achieve in being in this life and it is the only kind of power to strive for and covet; coveting the covetless. When your understanding of these ideas in their practical outcomes has reached a certain level, there isn't anything you can do other than live at your maximised potential relative to your state of equilibrium in the universe. And I leave expressing this last sentiment because of course many people here of course, well most people in humanity in some way, seem to be pretty occupied with this idea of the actualisation of their potential, that's pretty well established by this point of course haha. What I would like to lastly sneak into this writing then is that more and more what we need to do as a species in our growing awareness of this ultimate alignment is a replacing of using the ego as a means of getting from A to B which can be among other things Potential to Actualisation to instead using the quiet of awareness that sits in the subtle power of pure present moment self aware understanding to leverage whatever potentialisation is best to happen in any given moment. 

This is our final frontier at least relative to our present state of consciousness in the dominant sense.

This writing will serve as a bridge to future wisdom shared this and other months no doubt, an outcome to lesson three. Actualising the third lesson will more and more shed away all the heavy energies that previously clouded consciousness and leave you with a single peaceful reference frame that's ready to master life in the way you're presently ready to handle it relative to the state of your awareness, which is perfectly fine, perfectly and in the ultimate sense embrace where and how you are so you can smoothly as much as possible continue to unfold with the rest of the universe as perfectly as possible in your natural most seamless state.

My path is the pure mastery of creative chaos and destruction; a relentless pursuit towards annihilation and rebirth.

You'll have your own unique path.

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Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

4. Associative Origins

Welcome, welcome, welcome children to your fourth lesson of the year.

What on earth do I have in store for thee, well younglings you’ll just all have to wait and find out after these few words of implicit self congratulations that need to be relayed.

Okay, now that we’re done there let’s get down to business. A monk goes down to a hotdog stand and he asks the server what? “I’ll have one with everything” (onions, mustard, etc).


The following is an expression on the importance of considering spectrum, gradient depth and scope on the one hand in the context of experiential contrast (EC or C). Degree, circumference, angle, comparison (i.e. analogy) and context (i.e. domain) in the context of experiential perspective (EP or P) on the other. And inner (i.e. processing, integration, organisation, judgement) work along with outer work (i.e. behaviour, following plan, strategy) in the context of experiential action (EA or A) on the other. Finally, the implementation of self-efficacious questioning (SEQ) on any or all of the outcomes of CPA individually or all together to buffer the outcomes of CPA.

This gives us the first time the following formula has been expressed publicly in human history.

C > P > A + SEQ = CPA+

(plus here simply referring to advancement of the process itself)

This formula is a good idea to use when you have certain directionality, such as if you wish to focus in a particular direction that has certain strategic outcomes you’re either moving towards or searching for.

The title I give the formula is Associative Origins (i.e. Horizons), realising that at any point we’re following a CPA at an unconscious level and through its execution we make that unconscious process conscious and seek to understand and extend the horizons of its perspective (for at a whole from the outside looking in, CPA is a perspective in the sum of things say in terms of the noise that the unconscious is running on). What we’re left with working from is the end point of our associative horizon which is simultaneously our associative origin. Our original point for working with reality.

Instead of me over explaining each stage I will leave the rest for your intelligence after a picture tells a thousand words along with providing some basic examples.








Lastly, due to the raw bottom up foundation that each of these factors and the formula as a whole covers, it can be used for more or less anything that you’re thinking about or what to think about better. This can buffer the desire to develop an intuition about a subject or even just be a catalyst to intuitive reasoning on a direction.

At each set point of either perceived and or pre-organised contrast, perspective and action we are looking at a range. A range is a determined set between two points, i.e. min-max, or singular interpretation of a known point, though regardless in the physical point there are always at least two points of course, whether its the observed and observer or the multiple graded points that makeup the observed at say the contrast level or the referential points at the perspective level.

Each of these examples will be looked at in the context of personal biography.

1. Biographical example of Experiential Contrast:

  • Spectrum of time and spectrum of lived experiences
  • Number: Age/ages, period/periods, experience/experiences


2. Biographical example of Experiential Perspective:

  • Degree: Variation of reflection, speeding up and slowing down of time
  • Depth: Intensity of reflection
  • Position: Empathy from the perspective of one person as opposed to another, the difference between one experiential (i.e. visual among other sensory along with more abstract like existential views) to another experiential view
  • Scope: number of degrees, depths and positions considered for example
  • Comparison: analogy (i.e. this time period was analogous to this other time period), similarity and difference


3. Biographical example of Experiential Action:

Inner Action

  • What insights have been generated?
  • What insights about insight work has been generated or being worked on?
  • Anything analogous

Outer Action - where its relevant and to your own desired relevance:

  • What plans have been generated?
  • What solutions have been tested?
  • What improvements have been made on those solutions?

4. SEQ

  • At any level of CPA what has been advanced further and what is the basis for this?
  • At any level of CPA what can be advanced further (i.e. better questions) and what is the basis for this?


Final word...

Go out and use this formula to explore the world around you (including inner world), research as many countries, cultures, species and just worlds within the worlds located on earth to continually expand your Associative Origin.

Night bitches!

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Concerning #4: You can apply the above to anything.

Music, art, philosophy, inner worlds, outer worlds, whatever the fuck. Everything.

And yes, I came up with it.

Elegant in its simplicity while allowing for seemingly infinite organised complexity.

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Posted (edited)

Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

5. Interlockers of Awareness

Congratulations cave monkeys of the 21st century... You've made it to #5. Difficult choice among 5 others, those 5 among who knows how many others.

Welcome to your next church sitting. In progress...


Heading towards the end of the night so I want to make this as seamless as possible.


In the orientation of awareness in any particular direction we have inner negators vs inner positivists in the context of our insight motive, aka the direction that we take our motivation.

Inner negators interlock with insight and negate desired orientation (which is based on insight), inner supporters interlock with insight and positively reinforce desired orientation.

In this sense if you're clever you may have noticed the endless dynamic we're therefore in with respect to whether we're positively or negatively reinforcing our desired direction which should be based on your highest insight, aka insight directionality.

What is the practical benefit here?

If you can be aware of three things here:

(1) positive interlockers

(2) negative interlockers

In the context of your desired vision based on (3) insight directionality you will then be able to free up awareness to positively reinforce positive ones and negatively reinforce negative ones in healthy ways.

This serves as a foundational principle for how you can build any vision in your mind in relation to anything you would like to build either within your inner world or the collective reality that we all share from building a vision around self-actualisation to simply building a vision for your business or new potential business.

This will be particularly useful for people who haven't yet reached the stage of inner awareness where they're not only able to differentiate between themselves and their inner reactions but allocate inner resources towards those directions that shift one to their highest vision versus take themselves away from its achievement. To the extent that we don't have stated differentiation, we won't be able to replace self-sabotage with adaptation and other negators from with other forms of wisdom that we have. Differentiation is the first stage, then it is complementary confident identification, identifying the interlockers on the one hand and then identifying within awareness the way in which we can continue to support our chosen direction until completion. All in all, positive identification within the solidarity of flexible identity that moves one to their desired scandalous church calling.

Interlockers can go much deeper as well, they're the glue that brings together all of the explained directionality and movement within our psyche about not just any vision but literally any state of mind so there's many other creative ways you'll be able to utilise this insight with further reflective work.

Edited by lxlichael
Again, an original insight.

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2 hours ago, lxlichael said:

Real ambition for this year:

Become the most mentally tough person in the world.

I may already be 'up there' but there are just so much benefits to mental toughness that it seems like one of the most important ambitions to have because I'll simultaneously be working on many other connected domains there.

Cray, cray hey. Yeah I know. Fucking awesome ambition though.

Many of my *lessons* shared here will overlap so look out aye.

Every future piece of wisdom month to month and therefore theme to theme will now be contextualised under this sole main ambition I have for the year listed in the quotation.

Every other ambition from money to music to art to entrepreneurship to relationships will be coordinated under this goal.

There’s only 365 days in the year and therefore I’ll only have time to explain 365 lessons on mental toughness most of which will be self derived and may or may not be similar to other lessons that can be learned elsewhere.


If I can inspire, as much as I can do so, then I have helped humanity turn in a small positive way with respect to this work here.

Finally, Awareness will still remain as the only theme here for this month I will just be ensuring daily wisdom here is complementary to mental toughness and I will be elaborating to said extent.


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Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

Primary ambition for 2022: Becoming the most mentally tough person in the world

Every other ambition from money to music to art to relationships to entrepreneurship and more is coordinated under this objective.


Self derived.


#6. Opportunity Conflict Resolution, Reward bias

1. Sense

2. Know

3. Vision comparison

4. Opportunity exploration

5. Choose most dominant path

6. Update #3 with learning from #5

7. Surrender and Commit

8. Contentment


1. Sense is to sense what you're experiencing in your being

2. Know is to understand what you're experiencing within your being

3. Vision comparison is to compare what you're experiencing with the vision that you wish to materialise into reality

4. Opportunity Exploration is to pay some validation to the urge but in context with infinity aka the amount of quality options that you can come up with inside the amount of time available to you

5. Choose most dominant path is to determine among the opportunities which best serves your long term needs relative to your vision

6. Update your Vision according to the new information you've learned from #5

7. Surrender to the best determination you've arrived at while letting everything else go and commit to the highest vision now updated in #3.

8. Discover what contentment you can find in your being now that you've resolved this dissonance, as needed combine this with wisdom share #5 and #1.



When it comes to achieving a new ambition the minds desire to have an unrelenting pursuit towards this end is competing with every other goal you've been conditioning yourself to have which gets recalled continuously relative to a timed biological clock that fades away the less we positively reinforce it. As such it is intelligent to build a feedback loop that is going to help you simultaneously decondition and recondition yourself this time relative to your more desired end. This is particularly important the more unproductive goals you've had in the past from social media to youtube to food and other various forms of addictions that you may have which are a part of your reward centre and therefore occupying an amount of 'space' within your reward centre that you could otherwise better allocate to achieving your higher vision #3.


Very straight forward and easily implementable right away.





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The next principle/piece of wisdom is going to be on chaos vs order in the context of the mind


at the very least and a complement to the above that I’ll talk about will be principles around the relationship between openness mental toughness and awareness in the context of intelligent processing and boundaries + the greater context of psychoemotional processing herein



A combination of the above which will be most likely 

This one is going to take a little more graded nuance than the previous so I’ll put slightly more effort in here.


Understanding what I’ll share here will fair anyone well in combination with more basic tools in the sense of closing the gap on understanding the greater nature of the workings of the mind in the cotext of all things relevant here.

My new slogan for every message on my two journals. It represents the crux of my endeavour here, being alive and just all things relevant and purposeful here in the greater existential.

Domination. Creativity. Unity


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So concerning the previous post where I talk about a different principle; will arrive in the mailbox here another day, for the meantime though I'm opening up a new door that enters into a much more visceral tangible reality that soothes the sentimental taste buds as to why we continue to stay in this reality at all, Truth. Interestingly regardless, Truth is the inception, truly, to understand at the experiential level how to handle the abstract stuff mentioned in the previous post so it doesn't just stay in the head and so the act of converting the abstractions from mind to heart remain readable by the body.


Wisdom from 2021

Theme for January: Awareness

Primary ambition for 2022: Becoming the most mentally tough person in the world

Every other ambition from money to music to art to relationships to entrepreneurship and more is coordinated under this objective.


Self derived.


#7. Truth

I wrote this in the heart more than the intellect and then I finish at the razor edge of the minds creative intellectual resources but to no depth greater than the easement of what is necessary, nothing that subtracts from the initial visceral predilection.

In the darkness within ourselves, just before any dissociation and any other comparable or analogous defense mechanism we've learned from a state of conditioning or otherwise lays the truth of how we earnestly feel about an experience. This feeling is in direct contact with our mind and thus how I mind can articulate the reality of this through the frontiers of our imagination however much we do this without effort. Back and fourth these two tango to bring about a greater picture regarding what actually aligns with both ourselves and reality, and what does not.

During childhood as we're growing up for various reasons we can get cut off from the truth of how we genuinely feel about experience enough that dissociation and anything that blocks any form of communication between greater heart and mind occurs. This is the breeding ground for false truths that we believe about reality, "My father was amazing", when in reality maybe our father was amazing in some areas but perhaps fell from grace in many other areas that are important to our survival but that we find very difficult confronting because we haven't built the comfort of exchanging falsity with truth through the raw heart-mind relationship due to fear. Fear that we won't be able to continue having a relationship with our father, fear that we won't be able to resolve the dissonance of growing up with a father that may not have loved us as much as we thought they did, should have or could have. Fear that we might have self worth issues to resolve as a consequence of having to come to terms with that childhood wound. 

Facing uncomfortable truths is unfortunately not a trope within society as it doesn't nearly happen enough which is an inherent part as to why our society has degraded in many ways over the last 70 years at least in very important ways that make a civilization flourish from the integrity that aligns us with the better part of truth, expression and objectivity. Moreover, when it comes to mental toughness, individually truth is arguably the most important principle when it comes to learning to become mentally strong, especially at the extreme ends, with the least amount of dissociation possible. Truth is not just speaking the truth, it is our whole energetic alignment with being and beings alignment to reality which is in continuous communication with truth not just from an intellectual level but an emotional, spiritual, energetic and on every other level that touches on how experience models our perception and felt impression of truth.

If I'm not in touch with truth at the bodily level, how on earth am I going to go to the extreme levels of mental toughness without dissociating? 

It is the very definition of mental toughness to be as inwardly connected as possible enough that you can go to those extreme levels without dissociating, for the act of dissociating is the ego backlash in a way of saying it, it is those defensive mechanisms kicking in, it is that tendency to put a father on a pedestal because there's some reality that you're dissociating from.

Face the truth, feel the truth. As much as we fear the truth of our experience, we fear the love that truth automatically provides us when we're aligned with ourselves with reality in the way that I have portrayed here.

This aligns well with #6. Opportunity Conflict Resolution, Reward bias reflected as a practical exercise to begin the path of this inward journey to find that alignment so we can take the body and mind to those extreme levels as far as our inward education has served this development.

We rely on truth to inform us how we're experiencing reality and through our self awareness articulating this experience to ourselves we adapt to the reality of things here in as much as it benefits our truer cause as we have truthfully articulated it to ourselves. Without truth, to that extent we block out, omit, subtract from the greater experience of what aligns us to our experience that we are designed to understand, overcome and actualise to our highest intent.

For truth, seek falsity. The falsity will show us what's hiding in sight and therefore how we can see more clearly, in feeling and therefore how we can feel freer, in mind and therefore how we can understand more deeply, in weakness and therefore how we can resolve what we need to inwardly resolve relative to our highest universal creativity there to feel the strength and therefore the truth of the higher mental toughness that this imbues and thus what we at an individual level can uniquely achieve to our potential. 

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Back on a weekly basis from now on concerning these entries.

Gotta business to get back on top of for the new year.

And of course, the study of exceptional people.

When back will catch up on all the days each week so no days will be missed.


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Wisdom from 2021 - Year of Universal Mental Toughness : small simple snippets before the weekly 7 day share:

  • Protect your energy. Work towards energetic Unity in the sum of things.

    Direct it towards your goals and ensure that as much as possible is complementary to this energy dynamic.

    Misaligned energy = misused energy = less energy on our goals = less energy to be more mentally tough therein.


No explanation I shouldn't be wasting my time here till the weekend.



TLDR on the following:

( a new title by the way - reflects reaching our ultimate in mental toughness (a subset to project Universal Being a project I'll elaborate on later), its now "our goal" seeing yal keep snooping here, and well me I'm kinda beyond the "humanity sense" now, like I feel separate from it, so I'll articulate my goal on the weekend there regarding what's replaced "the most mentally tough person in the world" which who knows I may still become in light of the fact that I'm taking my understandings of the universe to the next level as much as possible and having that radically alter my being and the way I utilise its forces):



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For all men here, ask yourselves...

Why have I not died in every conceivable way today outside of the loss of my physical body and been reborn anew?

Men here must use the law of entropy and change to their advantage in all respects here.

If you're not asking yourselves questions like this, you're not united with your purpose as a man.



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To this moment and every moment hereafter I pledge

I am prepared to die

Physically and in every which way

If it means

The extension of my mind and if not the mind of a loved one

The extension of my heart and if not the heart of a loved one

The extension of my soul and if not the soul of a loved one

The extension of my body and if not then so shall it be my death on this earth

My physical death happens right now

I have 

Ultimate Unity and thus

Ultimate Potentialisation

 Men, die with me in this moment 

For if not, I struggle to say you can be along side me with the same respect

Die into full manifestation




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Furthering just above:

Tell me, what are you leaving your challenge for? What else exists? Why are you so sure? Let me open this hole in reality, I'll let you peek through. It's an endless abyss there. So if this abyss extends quadrillions further than any diameter of a planet, what makes you so sure that this thing outside accomplishing your present challenge in life exists? Your challenge needs you. It craves you. It's waiting for you to achieve.

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