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Here are my questions that I forgot to post here. I hope they got asked!:

How can we know anything at all? 

If our minds and perception can be fallible, and if self-deception is omnipresent in us all, how can we know anything? Is there a “best” method in epistemology to derive knowledge? What is infallible that can be trusted? If nothing is certain, then what do we really know?

What is solipsism? We are all trapped in our own bubbles of perception and any understanding of “others” is relative to our own understanding. For instance, my feelings of depression, anger, or even my self-image may be worlds apart to another. I am imagining you and your world and you are imagining me and my world. But notice that it is just your world imagining my world because you never actually experience anything outside of this one experience. So is there only one bubble of perception or are there infinite bubbles of perception that we can say is One Bubble with a capital O and B?

How can you be certain of anything beyond the fact of consciousness? I am conscious; therefore, I exist. Nothing else outside of awareness can be known to exist? I can doubt that my perceptions may be false or my mind is the evil demon, but I cannot doubt the incorrigible truth of appearance and awareness right? What if all the psychedelic trips are the false perceptions of evil demon? How do you know that your finite mind can grasp reality?

Thank you!

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You are NOT Awake. You are NOT done! Keep Learning!! Awakening is a Self-deception!! Enlightenment is an illusion, a distraction from one’s greatest Ambitions!!!

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