I Need HELP, A Helping Hand To Get Me Out of Iraq

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@m0hsen ūüėÄ

Well it's not a destination of course but maybe a temporary scape since it's close and easy to immigrate for while. Of course he can get his house and scape form tribal society he lives in.

It's just a quick and temporary solution 

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15 hours ago, m0hsen said:

yeah man, they already have experience doing it¬†for a good 11 days during the 2019‚Äď2020 protests. it was horrible man, really really horrible, suddenly you're disconnected from the whole world. I was working on a project for a client with a tight deadline and everything got fucked up overnight!

This shows that our problems living in this region is not related to work, it is more a difficult situations that is predicated upon many factors, like International Relations, and also the evolution of the stages.

But let's stay connected man, we have similar dilemma .

We love the internet, I had the privilege to try the internet for the first time probably around 1999, it was one way, and in public place where an observer should at all time see what's you're doing.

and when the regime change happened, I said to myself there's going to be rebuilding of Iraq, so I started web hosting and web design.

I design simple websites in wordpress, but never programing.


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Hi @Mesopotamian,

COVID restrictions aside, perhaps consider applying for a 'Startup Visa' in a country with good opportunities and a relatively low cost of living. If you have a 'scalable' business idea with a 'Minimum Viable Product', some countries will welcome you as long as your primary reason for being there is to develop your company. Many EU nations have schemes like this but the living costs are generally lower in Eastern Europe compared with Western Europe and Scandinavia; with some exceptions. For example, Estonia (, Latvia (, and Lithuania ( all have thriving entrepreneurial-ecosystems and they generally default to speaking English at events as this has become the international language of business.

Alternatively, if entrepreneurship does not appeal to you, also consider studying at university under a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). This will allow you to live, work, and study in that country for the duration of your studies. You can then use that time to learn the local language and national history with view to settling there as a Permanent Resident and eventually becoming a citizen. In fact, Tallinn University (TLU) has a master's degree in Estonian Studies ( which could help you to meet Estonia's permanent residency requirements. So, for example, if you studied a three-year bachelor degree anywhere in Estonia followed by that two-year program at TLU (i.e. 5 years in total), then you would already be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Or, you could simply study anything you like while learning 'Eesti Keelt' in a language school like Multilingua ( Either way, there are government institutions that can provide you with advice on this, so consider joining an Expat FB group to start asking others who are currently living there that have already been through this process.

As for being a single man, Estonia usually ranks among the least religious nations in the world, whereas Scandinavian and Nordic countries do not emphasise marriage as much as many other parts of the world; although they do have good family values and a social conscience. Therefore, as long as you are prepared to adapt to their culture and respect the differences, then you will probably be judged based on your character and other merits rather than your marital status. 

I hope this helps.

p.s. some universities allow international students to compete for scholarships so they can study at bachelor or master level for free, whereas some even pay people to study a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in exchange for working part-time as a Lecturer. For example, if you like snow, have a look at this program in Norway ( 

Good luck with whatever you decide to do :) 

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the grass is always greener on the other side. 

but try to increase your internal value to make yourself a person that wherever he goes there are people that need him.

thinking about getting out in an obsessive manner would make you a person with lower self-esteem. 

"If you kick me when I'm down, you better pray I don't get up"

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