Schizophrenic episode or spiritual insight - this one is right on the edge

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I LOVED this video.

On the one hand there is the mainstream perspective of "you went crazy", which is understandable.

On the other hand, there are some very helpful insights there, and it is kind of painful how our culture pushes him to disregard them.

Also the entities he meets, like shadow people, are not random creations of the brain, many people actually see these and communicate with them.

Very uncomfortable but fascinating.

What do we think about this?


I also get periods in my life where a lot of synchronicities happen.

It doesn't feel dangerous to me, I value them.

Also feels like I could let go and believe in them even more, and that would lead to more insight, but also deeper waters that I am not ready to get into yet.

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‘Crazy’ is a societal label. It’s not real. It’s a label that the ego uses to survive.

"Wanting keeps me from the awareness I already have it. I already am it.” — Byron Katie


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