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What is most important to be grounded in?

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What are the most important things to be grounded in?

I think it's easy to develop some kind of spiritual identity or messiah complex than can become a mental prison

For me I think these things are important

1. I am average at best unless I work on it

2. Nothing is owed to me, nothing is guaranteed, spirituality does not make you a messiah or chosen one

3. The world works as a social matrix and I am a cell in this larger body

4. Intentional, sober and practical mastery of life is fundamental

5. I am GOD, but I was God before. Now, I am changing my programming to better live my life based on embodiment and application of higher principles, insights and experiences.

6. Your inner work does not change other people and should be focused only on yourself

7. All tools for personal development need research and to be used properly and maturely. 

8. Psychedelics do not change external world at all. You change people and things stay the same

9. You are normal and reality is what it is. Acceptance of the mundanity of it is important.

10. You get what you put into life

11. Stop waiting for some great permanent change of some great purpose or cause or realization. There isn't any. Any purpose is a construction you are creating.

12. Be patient with yourself. Mistakes will happen, your ego will want to cling on to things and make it all about you.

13. No matter what anyone says here, or Leo or whatever, having a therapist to talk to is important. I don't think Leo tries to not make you go to one, but he does talk them down I noticed in some recent clips. You'd be surprised they are actually very helpful. 

14. Leo's videos are something that I enjoy, and can be applied intelligently to my life but he is not my leader nor my Guru. He is one of many teachers I will have in my life. I don't believe what I haven't experienced and see that he too can be deluded. No one gets a pedestal. 

15. Another thing is that everyone and everything is my teacher

Slow and steady.

What are you using to ground yourself so you don't go insane, develop a cult psychology, become a Zen devil or develop a messiah complex?


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"Now here's the Sun and it's alright, Now here's the Moon and It's alright..But every-time you close your eyes... Lies" -Arcade Fire Rebellion

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im a part of God, that's it, nothing more, nothing else, he's still "better" then me. 

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