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Nothing can be known about knowing

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The whole cannot be known by it's parts... yet the parts are known by the whole.

Science always relies on Proofs. How to go about proving the above facts?

A part can never comprehend the whole, it is impossible because A part, is never apart from the whole. It's something like, you can never lift your own self (Whole) using your own hands (Parts).

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem is perfectly applicable in this case. Anything said or spoken or written will always remain partial and limited. As Consciousness is Limitless for our present configuration and dimension, it may remain beyond our comprehension and understanding FOR EVER, AND FOR EVER.

There is no QUESTION about YOU. There is NO WAY to question the condition about BEING.

YOU already are the unconditional pre-existing condition FOR A QUESTION TO EMERGE. So, you are already the ANSWER.

You are the Imagination of yourself. To Dream or Imagine ....'IT' has to be Intelligent. Consciousness may be the cosmic Intelligence, the sole creator of everything in it's Realm.

I live my life in a dream; the constant threat of a rude awakening keeps me on my toes.
-Mettley Zimmer


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@Someone here I know that you insulted me for no reason through PMs like coward.Noted.Just saying.

See known.Be well.

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the mind tricked us into thinking there are parts, there are none

that's its nature to divide while for god its nature is to multiply

we are all walking vessels of god essence thinking we are individual separate creatures

we are not a part since when were we apart?

we not who- but who-le

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