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Quick question: Is it safe to try out 5 Meo when you drank alcohol the night before?

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3 hours ago, OBEler said:

you need to have an empty stomach and empty ass

So, it's like anal sex.

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If you've had two beers the day before, you probably won't notice it, but the ideal is not to have drunk anything before or afterwards for a day or two. why? because when you do 5meo a great amount of energy is released, like kundalini, your arms and legs can vibrate like epilepsy, and alcohol blocks that energy. I have personally checked it in both ways. Drinking before is stupid but at the beginning of experimenting with this I did, one leg fell sleep and the fingers of one hand were sore and stiff. something very real, with a two-day spasm. Doing it later is tempting, a beer to calm the situation. Mistake. the energy continues to flow for hours, you can notice that if you meditate , if you drink it will be blocked. it is a feeling of something negative, not healthy

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