I have decided to not have children because of population.

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@Gennadiy1981@Gennadiy1981 it doesn't work. People don't want to learn. I take my share of it and do what I can on my own


By having kids I'll contribute to the problem 

 And bringing my kids into this pathetic fallen world?? No fucking way. 

22 hours ago, Space said:

Accidental quoting


 INTP loner... .shy girl.. 

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@Preety_IndiaAgain children are your choice but keep in mind you are only one and everyone else will have kids. It’s similar example I gave with a lady who decided to starve and died but nothing was achieved. Also your target would be third world countries as in first world it’s pretty much stabilized and it would be impossible to even reach that audience. 
On the other hand, I would disagree with you when you call this world shitty. I had revelation with God once and He told me that this world was created in its perfection. Remember it’s the people who are shitty and not this world. 
I really think that your concern is much deeper than that. Have you tried psychedelics to speak with your highest self and figure out exactly what bothering you.

Again you can do whatever you want, but I personally do not see any solutions or logistics from it. 

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