Women don't owe you Sex !!!!!

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@mememeslut shaming is a feminist word and if you didn't try to pretend you are a man of culture above anyone else you would know that it's mostly women that 'slut shame' other women, cause they want to spread rumors in order to make them have less chances for a male partner and more partner chance for the perpetrator that started the bad rumor

But I didn't write this to explain that to you, I write it cause it shows your essence as a person. You said they slut shame you (an overused term), I never said it's her fault if someone used her and got away. You just want to feel superior by doing ugly stuff like spreading lies. You are disgusting, and a simp that tries to do the same to her

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@Etherial Catit's greek . I don't care if it has ''important'' words, but that's what I was brought up to believe. 

Let me tell you some words that their origin sounds really like greek but with some English twist to sound better

democracy, psychopathy, architecture (yes this is greek too), theology (that's cause when the sick religion of xstianity was spread, the greek language was talked by everyone that rome have conquered I think, so the same happened with the 'holy stupid bible'), psychology, astrology, astronomy,  dictatorship(i am not sure if that's greek maybe no), epicness ( i think it's greek), narcissim, and many more which I am bored to think

the point is that important things like psychology of human, big things like democracy (well I don't care I am anarchist anyway) and things like that come from greek language. Maybe they aren't important at all they just told me they are heavy words with very important meaning to feel pride or some stupid think like that. Speaking of languages I think dialect is a greek word.

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