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I stopped caring about appearance of girls

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When I was like 19, I met a girl at my work and we quickly became close friends (I had just moved to a different state, and didn't really know anyone, and she was the first one who befriended me), but I didn't really find her attractive.  Her nose was too blunt, or round or whatever.. she had some extra pounds and I'd always been attracted to thinner girls, she didn't really dress in way I found attractive,.. 

but over time, as we got closer and closer, I began to find myself becoming more and more attracted to her physically.  After several weeks (I really don't recall the exact time frame), we started a romantic relationship, and I would say that I 'fell in love with her', and after a few months of being together, she appeared to me as the most beautiful woman I'd ever met.. I was so attracted to her, and found beauty in all of her curves, and blemishes, and uniqueness, etc.. (I still find her super attractive to this day, even though we went our separate ways and have separate lives, we remain friends.)

I guess my point is.. don't let a lack of physical attraction prevent you from pursuing a relationship with someone you connect with on an emotional and intellectual level. 

You'd be amazed at how true the saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' actually is. 

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