Do not underestimate the power of kriya yoga

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I want to share my experience with kriya yoga so far.

I have been practicing for almost three years now. The firs couple of years, I was practicing a simple pranayama, while concentrating on the third eye. I didn't see crazy results, other than experiencing the reality of the chakras. The effects of this meditation are:

  • While meditating, feeling a lot of energy concentrating on the third eye area.
  • My inner vision light up: experiencing mild inner visuals.
  • Night dreams turned to high definition, almost life like.
  • Ability to ear the voice of the characters of my dreams, which it never happened to me before. Kind of freaky. 
  • Experiencing premonitions or warnings, while dreaming, about day to day life. (not that common, but it happened more than once)
  • Ability to recognize deep spiritual truths, through the spontaneous activation (feeling of energy) of the third eye.  

Once I saw that this chakra business wasn't all bullshit, I was hooked and I started to do serious research about kriya yoga. I read all the books that Leo suggests and many more.

In the past six months, I have been practicing diligently a complete kriya yoga routine and have seen some serious results:

  • I end my routine with kriya supreme fire and almost invariably I get into a sort of mini samadhi, I lose all point of reference and can't locate myself anymore. It lasts for 10 seconds or so but it's still valuable.
  • While practicing Yoni mudra my brain feels like it's exploding of pleasure. The pleasure per se it's not important, what I think is going on is that the practice is actually rewiring my brain.
  • Sometimes, while practicing, I have really intense visuals, they seem like the beginning of a psychedelic trip, but fade off quickly.
  • In my everyday life, I am way happier overall and I appreciate deeply the beauty of life. Sometimes I get moved by "mundane" and simple things.  

The main effect that I have noticed is that kriya makes your consciousness cleaner or more "symmetric", it's a slow process but definitely worth the investment because it's an effective way to permanently change your baseline state of consciousness. After a while, you can literally start to feel your brain rewiring itself, I randomly sense a small pleasurable pression in various areas of the brain. I haven't achieved kechari mudra yet, I think that's going to be a game changer and is literally going to light up my brain. 

I use psychedelics too (LSD, mushrooms and 5-meo-dmt - not a break through dose yet) and I can sense that kriya is going to take me to the same place that the psychedelics take me to, it's just going to take 30 or 40 years of practice to achieve the sort of awakening available through the use of psychedelics. Moreover, I have found that the use of psychedelics and the practice of kriya complement each other in different ways. So as the title says, I hope you don't underestimate the value of kriya yoga. I will keep you posted about my progress.

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