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Ramana Maharshi: Imagination = reality

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What follows is a beautiful passage of Ramana Maharshi which is pointing to the fact that the screen of consciousness and the images on the screen are the same thing, which is to say, there is no difference between reality and imagination and therefore reality is absolutely groundless. The ultimate strange loop. The last section of the quote is especially significant. At least, this is my interpretation. 



Sri Ramana Maharshi: At the level of the spiritual seeker you have got to say that the world is an illusion. There is no other way. When a man forgets that he is Brahman, who is real, permanent and omnipresent, and deludes himself into thinking that he is a body in the universe which is filled with bodies that are transitory, and labours under that delusion, you have got to remind him that the world is unreal and a delusion.

Why? Because his vision which has forgotten its own Self is dwelling in the external, material universe. It will not turn inwards into introspection unless you impress on him that all this external material universe is unreal.

When once he realises his own Self he will know that there is nothing other than his own Self and he will come to look upon the whole universe as Brahman.

There is no universe without the Self. So long as a man does not see the Self which is the origin of all, but looks only at the external world as real and permanent, you have to tell him that all this external universe is an illusion. You cannot help it.

Take a paper. We see only the script, and nobody notices the paper on which the script is written. The paper is there whether the script on it is there or not. To those who look upon the script as real, you have to say that it is unreal, an illusion, since it rests upon the paper. The wise man looks upon both the paper and script as one. So also with Brahman and the universe.



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Here are some insights that I want to write down.

When I talk to 'someone' I'm talking to God/Myself.

Next God takes the form of a sunset, then God shows his own magnificence to itself in another way, by 'you listening to a beautiful song' or looking into someone's eyes, when you are with your friend, watching someone sing on youtube, in a concert, watching a video on youtube, listening to the birds singing in a forest, dreaming at night, making love etc

When you change the content of what's happening you are talking to the same Conciousness. It is not incarnated. There is no physical reality. It's direct. So direct that there is no way to describe what happens when you awaken to it and realize that it's always been direct. God is directly conscious of what you always do because you are it. But the mindfuck of all this is when you discover the reason it customized everything like this. It wants to show love to itself by interacting with itself this is why you got to meet yourself by becoming aware that the other is You. The only word that canpoint to it right now is that the communication is absolutely direct. It's playing with itself because we are forever together as One. Love is so loving that it plays this game with itself. You re aways looking directly into God's eyes like an infinitely looping soul gazing.

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