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Neo Fascist Era of American Politics? / Fascist Demonstration in Florida

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On 7/16/2021 at 1:16 AM, Yarco said:

The communists aren't joking when they say to eat the rich

Do you mean tax the rich? This view to eat the rich i.e. class war style Russia 1917 or 1948 China is more prevalent in the fringe authoritarian left circles online and rarely see now being held by any of the people you mentioned. As far as I know, they just want higher tax rates imposed on the wealthy as a winning start and perhaps some worker-coops stuff later down the line.

But having that in mind I sincerely congratulate you on you being happy that you broke out of the circles that you perceived as unhealthy and bad for your wellbeing and life and that you are extremely aware of it all and about what specifically caused your self-harm in the past. That's a big breakthrough and move forward for you that you independently decided to leave behind these social circles, great exercise, and success in self-reliance and personal freedom. I feel for you particularly here and understand how hard this can be since I am always tempted to it myself to go along with the groupthink of the ethnic-nationalists and their dominant ideology and worldview backed by the political institutions and forces in my own country and that are backed them among the general populace in my own country. So I can resonate with and understand your struggle and how tempting it is to regress out of social norms and approval and not being singled out as not going along with the group ideology and collective mentality fostered by the forces that be in the country whose interests it suits for people holding such a worldview, belief and behaving according to it like obedient social machines.

"Keep your eye on the ball. " - Michael Brooks 

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