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3 hours ago, Arcangelo said:

Wow the self deception and denial is strong on this one.

Come on Rap. What if Margot Robbie shows up naked in your room. You will not cheat????? Don't kid yourself.

There are way more attractive than Margot Robbie.

No I wouldn't. That kind of shit is low consciousness. There is way better ways to spend your time than cheating with random thots.

I would only get into a relationship with someone I liked enough to not want to cheat on. 

Would you want your daughter to marry/date a guy who would cheat at first chance?

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It’s not trolling Nahm, it’s being Nahm. It is you. 

Not expanding one’s sense of humor does not actually create trolling, just projection, or, silence. Always an option. (Cause it is you). 

I am not a mod. 


Nice. Cheating (lying) attracts in kind. So does expressing with truth & integrity. 



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On 04/07/2021 at 10:26 AM, Emerald said:

I’m just saying. The things you say don’t  paint you out as a desirable man from the female perspective... forum or no forum.

High quality men who are firmly rooted in their masculinity are men who have enough self-discipline to control himself and not let his emotions and instincts rule him. 

So, a high quality, attractive man is one who might have an instinct for variety but values his relationship and his partner’s feelings enough to prioritize those things over his whims and urges. 

And that you and some of the others on here frame this type of guy as a fantasy, tells me less about men in general and much more about your value as a romantic partner. 

I have a very disciplined high sex drive. But if I love a woman, she gets my mind which controls and reinforces every other devoted energy. An even lower number than possessing a mind, how many people are with a partner that is developed enough to want to bridge your mind with them as well? People cheat because they haven't given the other person their mind, they've just given their emotions, vice versa. So if their mind is split, their emotions can become split, again vice versa. In general, the heart has a mental realm and the mental realm has a heart, as they're both connected with and through spirit. If she has my mind and my emotions, she has my actions. If she has all three, she has my devotion. How many men truly understand what devotion means, especially in the heart of battle? How many women do? There's only so many heroes in this world and they're heroes because they're uncommon. Uncommonality is really what we reserve civility for outside of the conditioning to be civil. Civility in civilisation is not true civility just as it isn't in marriage if you're purely socially bound (conditioned). This is the difference between civility and social, civilisation and society, one has integrity and true heroism, the other has conditioning and slavery to that programming, the latter arguably not a bad thing but in our conditions its whichever Pepsi or Coke commercial won under capitalism to be the next mentor of our youngest generations, at least that's what it was 10 years ago, now its Tik Tok vs instagram celebrity. This is the inherent scam of divorce rates and societal rates of anything, your statistical sample is based on people loaded up on social media, Hollywood, average IQ's and over sensationalised westernised materialism, not that intelligence always has a positive relationship with loyalty, however lack of intelligence has a positive relationship to disloyalty if you're surrounded by influences that increase the likelihood of cheating. People are not conditioned in the modern world to be capable of developing a devoted connection with someone, this is something that is leaned by someone with the foresight and social intelligence capable, instead most people are conditioned to be obedient cheating slaves that becomes popular to write some cheesy sitcom about, so that's what they become, the worst images of society for they've never adequately questioned those inner images for long enough that have been injected into them through the syringe of societies model catwalk of advertising commercials to its inverse government conspiracies if you're "trying to break the maze" and cultural discourse political or otherwise that through its such low quality reinforces this disincentivization of this kind of quality social. Most people have never had a relationship in which they were truly devoted because most people in general outside of regular areas of importance are not good self aware philosophers, if you live a life controlled by your impulses, you didn't live your life, your biology did combined with the society that conditioned you to not be wise enough to know how to grow the right connections across the entire planet. Seek people who you can integrate with, not people who you just socialise with, socialise is to socialisation, integrate is to psychological integration, the latter being the thing that analogously creates a civilisation, the blending of multiplicity that enough worlds learn to converge and merge into that symbiotic oneness that most people still have a lot of stages of development to go through before they're mature enough to achieve this. Societies mature into civilisations just as socialisation can mature into integration, cheating by definition, whichever way it stands inside the implicit/explicit contract you've formed with someone, emotional to physical, is the reflection of a lack of integration. Thus, integration, the desire to integrate, these two in symbiosis are what create, that desired symbiosis between two beings. Or. Buy a dog if you're too developed for everyone or not developed enough for anyone.

꧁◍❅◍❅◍❅◍❅◍(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.->     𝒳    >-.¸¸.·`¯´·.¸¸.·`¯( ◍❅◍❅◍❅◍❅◍꧂

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▉  𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖔𝖘 ᥴ᥅ꫀꪖꪻ꠸ꪜ꠸ꪻꪗ  ▉ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

ℝ ⁼ ᴬ¹ 𝕩 ᴬ² > 𝕊^ᵂ < ᴿ~ ⁼ ᴹ ⁽ⁱⁿᶜˡᵘˢⁱᵛⁱᵗʸ⁾

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Here's a thought:

If a woman comes up to her man and offers him a free opportunity to have sex with one of her friends (consensual and everything, and not a shit test lol), there is no doubt in my mind that most men won't think twice about and will immediately agree to have sex.

On the other hand, can you say the same thing applies in the opposite case (genders reversed)?

Have faith.

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@Gesundheit2 90% of these guys commenting about not ever cheating, probably don't even have options to cheat🤣 Or just endured the temptation one time, and now they pat themselves on the back over it. So yeah, it's easy to say you wouldn't cheat and that it's not a concious thing to do, when you haven't even been properly battle tested yet.

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Men who lack either morals or discipline will be cheat given the opportunity. There are also some minor reasons like a belief that they can’t find someone else if they get caught, these might keep them loyal.

However it’s actually very common that the opportunity will not present it self. Because they don’t care enough to make an effort to cheat.


Girl do not function this way normally.

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