What I've Realized After Being In A Mental Hospital

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I just got discharged from the mental hospital. I had fallen back into my depressive ways and ended up being sent there. Consequently, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I've been depressed most of my life, so seeing where my untreated mental illness could take me was like a wake-up call to me. I am going to acknowledge my past and use it as a compass as to where my path is set for me from now on. Knowing that my depression is this serious is actually relieving to me, as I had always questioned if it was even real or not. Now that I am seeking treatment I feel more comfortable in my skin in a way, like all my perfectionist-level standards for myself have melted away.

As for the hospital itself, I chose to see it in a positive light. There were a lot of people there from poverty; they have gone through things I can only imagine. I am grateful that I wasn't born in poverty. Though I was abused, I'm happy I wasn't abused with any other environmental risks or stressors. I'm grateful I have a home that I was sent to after the hospital discharged me because some folks are homeless. I'm happy I have insurance because some folks don't and it can cost thousands to stay there as an involuntary inpatient (which in my opinion is very unfair).

But yes, I think overall I had a positive outlook on life after seeing things from a new perspective. I used to think I had a "lesser" life, but now I feel plentiful after hearing other people's stories. I feel less alone in my struggle. 

 I would consider myself a high-functioning person, so I believe over a long period of time I can practice getting back into the gist of relearning self-love. I've been binging Leo's content a lot actually, haha.

Thanks for reading. :) 

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Glad you're feeling more optimistic @LambChop, you got this ^_^


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@LambChop I have a question for you.

Before your hospitalization, did self-help material help you to get serious about your mental disorder, or did it rather contribute to your will to brush it off as being weak, or underdeveloped?

Similarly, how did spiritual material influence your attitude towards your mental health?

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Bearing with the conditioned in gentleness, fording the river with resolution, not neglecting what is distant, not regarding one's companions; thus one may manage to walk in the middle. H11L2

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@LambChop I am so happy you're getting better and for your positive outlook on life??☺️!

You're going to have a wonderful life!

And it is really difficult and unfair for the poor and homeless people. How will they pay thousands of dolars? They just can't... I really hope your country finaly finds some solution in terms of health care...

All the best!

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