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Heart of Space

I had the greatest time yesterday

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Dear Diary,

I had the greatest night ever.  I was out with my potential future boyfriend who apparently just wants sex.  

Future boyfriends boss drinks with us and apparently doesn't want us together.  So she got this pretty attractive guy, Bryn, with a masters degree in engineering to hang out with us so that future boyfriend would lose interest in me.  

The whole plan backfired because Bryn ended up really liked me and not future boyfriend.  Bryn literally seemed romantically interested in me as the night went on.  And on top that we went to a busy gay bar and guys kept coming to our table trying to hit on me making future boyfriend jealous.

I don't know if I'm going to date future boyfriend, but after last night I feel like a dime peace.  I'm a 10 in the gay world.  And if you want to fuck me, you definitely have to take me to dinner first, you douche.  

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