Can ethnic identities exist in the perfect world

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I agree with this perspective, that we create more and more distinction and polarization where we need unity and lack of difference coming together as one human race, and then irradicate the concept of race, and difference.

This doesn't stop with race, but every other aspect of human-beingness as well.

The gender discussion is the same, where more distinctions are being created moving away from the one thing that matters, human-beingness.

Color, gender, and all other attributes should not and does not have to matter at all, and will eventually not matter.

There are many postmodern phenomena happening, especially visible now, phenomena that human-kind will transcend, and past that point their meaning in this sense will start loosing power, as they loose their function, becoming obsolete, and fade away.

I don't think this is something that is a possibility, I think this is inevitability, as development happens.

As much is the inevitability, and a prerequisite, in the polarization happening, preceeding change, that raises awareness of the phenomena and lays the groundwork for possibility for change. 

What we experience is growth pains. 

Our work is to help lay ground to allow for this to come increasingly true for future generations.

We are not going to see this, other than as a gradual shift, as I believe that the world development perspective to this essential, closing the gaps and removing the notion of what we see as first-ranging-to-third-world, facilitated by the mixing of populations throughout the world, through migration, moving towards a world identity rather than country or region identity. 

In that sense what we, our children and children's children need to do is to tend to and managing of this process so that it becomes an as little painful process as possible. 

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