Can ethnic identities exist in the perfect world

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@bejapuskas  That's cool, bro, I understand the frustration some may feel when someone tells them to essentially 'get over it' when they say 'transcend it' to a very real personal experience of discrimination or oppression in this world. I would not want to be this way.

Although, if I were to break it down even further if someone were to say transcend the ego pain and suffering that can come from those types of experiences because it will allow them to heal and cultivate well being this I can agree with and suggest may be beneficial.

This doesn't mean someone has to ignore the injustice that others may perpetrate upon them but if one is coming from the healing of well being when these types of situations arise they will act in accordance with the well being and not from the pain and suffering.

So we can simultaneously transcend the ego attachment to the experience while also acting in accordance to well being that may actually have a positive influence on others and the circumstances. We can radiate well being through the experience and not allow others to inspire misery in us.

This does not excuse those that would bring harm to others but it also recognizes they themselves are acting out of their own misery which is the motivation for the harm they would attempt to bring to others. We should not fail to acknowledge the cycle of suffering this world breeds and perpetuates.

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29 minutes ago, bejapuskas said:

@cookiemonster What do you think about what he Is saying, are these your words too?


I think it's a well conceived synopsis of the ideal to which we should be striving for. The question is how?

My own related take is that detribalization and de-identification has to be voluntary, yet encouraged and supported whenever a person feels ready.

Personally I no longer identify with any race nor ethnicity, and when anyone tries to tell me otherwise I just politely smile.

In a recent Rupert Spira video posted on YouTube, a lady in the audience (not seen on camera) speaks to Rupert about her sense of conflict in being a person of color, while at the same time realizing that she is not a person at all. She explains that she wants more than anything to not be a race nor ethnicity, yet the conflict pertains to the sense of guilt she feels in regards to betraying her race and its traumatic history.

After a lengthy and polite dialogue between herself and Rupert, she finally says the words that she had always wanted to say: "I am not a black woman."

Rupert smiles and agrees, but they both concur that only she could have said that.

That's the way forward (IMHO).



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I agree with this perspective, that we create more and more distinction and polarization where we need unity and lack of difference coming together as one human race, and then irradicate the concept of race, and difference.

This doesn't stop with race, but every other aspect of human-beingness as well.

The gender discussion is the same, where more distinctions are being created moving away from the one thing that matters, human-beingness.

Color, gender, and all other attributes should not and does not have to matter at all, and will eventually not matter.

There are many postmodern phenomena happening, especially visible now, phenomena that human-kind will transcend, and past that point their meaning in this sense will start loosing power, as they loose their function, becoming obsolete, and fade away.

I don't think this is something that is a possibility, I think this is inevitability, as development happens.

As much is the inevitability, and a prerequisite, in the polarization happening, preceeding change, that raises awareness of the phenomena and lays the groundwork for possibility for change. 

What we experience is growth pains. 

Our work is to help lay ground to allow for this to come increasingly true for future generations.

We are not going to see this, other than as a gradual shift, as I believe that the world development perspective to this essential, closing the gaps and removing the notion of what we see as first-ranging-to-third-world, facilitated by the mixing of populations throughout the world, through migration, moving towards a world identity rather than country or region identity. 

In that sense what we, our children and children's children need to do is to tend to and managing of this process so that it becomes an as little painful process as possible. 

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