Feel kind of obligated to learn Spanish.

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I've for the longest time have loved learning languages, so do not feel as if I'm forcing myself to do anything I don't want to do.

Anyways, I was filling out a job application and literally half of the application was in Spanish language. I just started Spanish on Duolingo, and when I progress far enough I'll buy a textbook.

I just feel as if living in the United States, Spanish is unavoidable. I remember in my first job we had a woman employee, and whenever a customer didn't speak English we would call her to speak Spanish to the customer.

Wish me luck boys...

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I'm from Spain and it's a language I would not enjoy learning from scratch:D

Anyway it is as everything, practice, listening, learning and studying. Would really recommend u to study all verbal tenses. It's the only thing truly difficult. I'm telling u, if u master all the verbal tenses, u will just add new things from this base. If u don't do so u will not really understand the structure. The core of spanish are verbs and how u use them. Then u are good to go.

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Te recomiendo hacer lo que la mayoría quiere evitar: encuentra a una persona o grupo de personas hispanohablantes y relaciónate con ellas. Eventualmente aprenderás a chapotear alguna que otra palabra, y empezarás a entender lo que dicen. Los libros de texto, francamente, no te los recomiendo.



Talk to people, textbooks aren’t that useful for learning a language. 


You can also listen to audiobooks, watch shows and movies, and write essays on topics you’re interested in. I think you’d be better off with this strategy, to be honest. It’s more fun and probably more effective, too.

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