Why do some People Ridicule other people?

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Simply because it makes us feel good.

We get a shot of serotonin as we put others down since in that process of putting others down, we inadvertently lift ourselves above that other. The result is a sense of importance and status. 

Some become highly addicted to this behavior and complain excessively at everything and everyone.

Often the need stem from low self-esteem and self-worth, and the need to rebalance the ego, by creating the false illusion of being, if only for that moment, something "better" than what one identify with.

Usually unconscious, but sometimes with maintained awareness of that process happening. 

It also is a bonding experience where bonds get stronger around a mutual stance against another party, which becomes nothing more significant than collateral damage in that process. 

Strong relationships and group belongings happen around joint causes, and often the demonization of someone else or some other group. Also the source of deep polarizations.

From both aspects, these are survival mechanisms, protecting ourselves and our egos, and protecting our social and group belonging, hence our survival in the world. 

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Of all the kids I’ve talked to experiencing aimlessness, directionlessness, purposelessness, hostility and a sense of a lack of focus & attention, never once have I found a parent willing of introspection. 



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