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Hi there! 

Im a 26 year old male musician. I have had moderate success with my music, and I do small jobs for people like mixing their music, giving them lessons, making film music, playing shows etc. i earn money on this, but not enough yet to 100% live of. 

Where i get most of my money is from my rich dad who i never really have any contact with who pay my rent and workin in kidergarten. He has told me he will stop paying my rent this summer and I really wanna quit the kindergarten job and 100% focus on my passion since that job is sucking away all my energy and life force. 

So I wonder what is the best way to go about this? I really wanna give value to the world doing what I love and earn enough to live, but I also have to pay my rent and eat. What is a good strategy in this situation?

Thanks for reading

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Scale up. 

Get more people to take your lessons -- plaster free advertisements on notice boards at grocery stores, coffee shops, on telephone poles, or whatever. Post online on Facebook marketplace, groups in your area

Get more people to hire you for shows -- start reaching out to at least 5 venues every day. Local bars and restaurants, clubs, etc.

Sell more music -- Make an account on Fiverr or Upwork and offer to write quick little jingles or tunes for people for $5, $20, or whatever you think is reasonable.

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