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Hi friends,

I decided to share some of my story because I feel that I want to give something to this community. As so many I struggled hard and still do to some extent to find direction.

Background: I am educated as wine maker and experience a love-hate relationship to it. On one side it is a wonderful topic on the other side it is alcohol with all its burdens. So one of my main goals was a transistion into another field of experience. 

Just this february I came to the idea that I might start a B2B Podcast about young emerging winemakers, their marketing strategies, their target customers, their struggles as multi generational family businesses and so on. Basically a Podcast for other winemakers or those who want to become one / start a wine brand themselves.

So I asked some interesting companies if they would join. And guess what? 80% positive response without anything to show. Who ain't an attention-whore lol ...

Everybody loves being on a Podcast! And creating Podcasts as Interviews is surprisingly easy. Leo type content is "levels of magnitude" more complex to create. I know this because I do one out of four episodes myself about a certain topic.

Where am I at right now? I have 24 episodes pre produced and yet nothing but some first prototype episodes released. I have made close connections to dozens of interesting and important people in german wine industry. I have big winery-supplying companies becoming interested in me because as it turns out: Podcasts are a a perfect way for product reviews and stuff. Considering that I still have no website online and no episodes online, this is an absurd amount of networking success and attention!

What I want you to know: Whatever field you go for mastery in. A Podcast about it can be a ridicolously worthwhile path to it. You get instant contacts to professionals. You get so inspired beause the talks can be very interesting. You beginn to form a community. and so much more to gain!

It is very easy to start: Any smartphone has enough recording quality. Use zoom to record audio and video. If you want to stack up on good equipment: consider something between 150-300 bucks/euros to get a streaming mic (Note: should be able to switch from single person recording to group / room recording for different occasions) and a HD webcam + stands. A podcast server host is about 200/per year. (no commercial connection:) I use captivate.fm most others have restriction on amount of content/shows that I feel would restrict my creative freedom but judge yourself.

Go for it and please feel free to contact me for advice!

these are the sample episodes (german) https://music.amazon.de/podcasts/5984ea87-d49e-41cd-a7b2-4e18dd518676/5plus1

my mail: info@5plus1.blog


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Here come some examples how to integrate my spiritual and psychological interests into the podcast.

I interviewed a zen monk about the role of wine in buddhist tantric rituals (there is!)

I look for interview partners from different religions to do similar topics

I work on an episode about development of your winery from spiral dynamics perspective

I tackle personal development for people who try to escape wage slavery in this specific business field

I carefully start to open the discussion to other mind altereing substances

I do interviews about influencer marketing which will halp me to become one

and much more I dont yet know of that will influence this work.


Consider that a mondaine business can be way easier to get into than everyone trying to become some weirdo spiritual psychedelic self help guru. 

I'd rather ask you to let your individuality and personality influence your project and by this make it outstanding in the field you enter.

have fun


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Solid Advice. Gonna run with it, thanks for sharing!

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Well done. At the very least, you have made many new valuable connections which can serve you going forward. Good job on identifying what you want and being outgoing about it

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Good Idea. You kill three birds with one stone:

  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Learning

@d i e g o  I heard one of your Podcasts. The style is different, more casually then I would have expected from a wine podcast (which was cool). Try to develop you own style even more and you are good. Example: You have in 'Wein über online B2B Verkostungen verkaufen' a little voice acting where you played a customer-reaction. That part was especially raw and authentic. Do things like that, i mean not only voice acting but something raw;)

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thanks for your appreciation. and especially to your analysis of my style @supremeyingyang. these episodes are quite poorly produced when compared to the unpublished ones. I will let you take part in the process if you wish, since here are some german speaking members who might really be interested.

What I would like to add: I found that even just telling about running a podcast opens doors for public speaking possibilities as summits or at universities. those can be easily used to build profficiency as image. 

Ihave done one summit three days before about podcasting as growth tactic for early stage b2b start ups und will do the same one again next wednesday in a local small university.


Next add: how to create massive amount of content for social media

consider a 1hr interview via zoom on a narrow topic. you can easily extract 20 shortclips < 60 secs of valuable stuff. 

1 priority: moments that are entertaining and/or educating to the targeted listeners (more context)

2 priority: moments that show your guest in good light for him to share (more reach)

3 priority: moments that make you look smart and professional (more expert status)

I found that i could extract 15-40 of such pieces per hour, depending on how well i connected to the guest during the interview!

Let's go with 20/hr for the maths

that allows me 100 native posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, IG, Tiktok and Youtube alltogether (5*20) + I can produce "quote pictues" from the most admired short clips, reposts not included ...

So one podcast allows me to post 1 native piece of content every third day of the year. do this two months with 1 oder 2 episodes per week and you'll have more killer content for social media than ever dreamed of, without once having to act stupid on camera.

Post production (cutting + adding subtitles) is a full workday per episode - i use veed.io for AI asisted subtitle generation, since this would not be manageable otherwise. subtitles are fucking critical - or do you consume social media loud in every situation?



guys und nonguys I cannot recommend this strategy enough!

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