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Krishna. His devotee, Arjuna and The Bhagavad Gita.

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@Karas Could be.

"I believe you are more afraid of condemning me to the stake than for me to receive your cruel and disproportionate punishment."

- Giordano Bruno, Campo de' Fiori, Rome, Italy. February 17th, 1600.

Cosmic pluralist, mathematician and poet.

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1 minute ago, Eternal Unity said:

@BipolarGrowth Great insight there! Thank you :)

Remember that the entire war was essentially a land dispute over the kingdom. The Pandavas (probably will misspell), or Arjuna’s family lineage, were the rightful heirs to the kingdom. The Korovas were taking everything by force. The Pandavas said you can have the whole kingdom and we’ll just take 5 cities for ourselves I believe it was. The Korovas wouldn’t even allow them this small and unfair compromise. Peaceful negotiations were tried at the beginning. It’s important to remember this when examining the context of the battle. Peace does not always work. 

He also pushes Arjuna to fight because it is his duty as a fighter, and there was no higher action for Arjuna than to fight based upon moral and religious principles according to Krishna. If Arjuna was not a warrior fighting against tyranny for higher virtues, Krishna would not have considered violence as part of Arjuna’s duty. 

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