Singing to my son

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So last night my toddler had a rough night sleeping so I took him to our couch and started to sing a lullaby in a over and over. The same lullaby.

At this moment as I was holding him on my chest singing, it was as if I truly connected in some way with love.

It was like my spiritual heart just expanded with energy enjoying the love.

As I kept repeatedly singing this lullaby, and kept in this love connection, it was as if my voice faded. I still knew I was singing and at the same volume.l, but I could not hear a lyric. I could not feel a breath, but knew I was still breathing.

I still felt, still knew I was holding my son. I saw nothing but because eyes were closed. I knew what my experience was.

I'm stating what happened here as it did and dont want to interpret anything myself for my ego. 


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Can you bite your own teeth?  --  “What a caterpillar calls the end of the world we call a butterfly.

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