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Kuba Powiertowski

A few words about infinity.

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Infinity as a concept appears relatively often on this forum as well as among people dealing with esotericism and spirituality. Admittedly, it has become fashionable in its own way in recent years. God, Consciousness, Love - all these are infinite. The last time made me realize how important it is to know your place in the ranks not as a form of restriction, but for your own good. Everything has its place and time in this dimension, and this dimension is where we live in. It is important not to inflate or diminish the aspects that make up your life experience. In a word, balance. If anyone thinks that he is God in fact, not a part of divine infinity, but God himself, the Creator, the Source, I suggest reading Georg Cantor's works devoted to infinity, infinite sets, set theory, beyond finite numbers or the continuum hypothesis. Or simpler. Imagine the simplest infinity. Infinite straight line. If he succeeds, he can draw it. Good luck Mr. God.

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