Leo, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday Leo. You don't know me and you probably never will, but you have really changed my life. I love you man

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On 4/23/2021 at 7:41 PM, fopylo said:

@Leo Gura
Hi Leo, happy birthday man!

I know that you lately don't really like to get pleasure from people praising you. You don't even need to reply if you feel that your worth isn't gonna change anyways, but hear me out if you can.
I've just came across your channel in like September, started watching the spiral dynamic series and maybe some more. But is wasn't until like 2-3 months ago that I started to take your work more seriously - started visiting the website and took notes for your videos and practiced them.

My god. Leo. Sometimes I get so emotional just thinking how FORTUNATE I am to stumble across your channel. You are probably the only person who really helped me change the way I view life and to live a better, more conscious, happy life. I've never been that honest when praising a teacher.

It feels so true for me to say that you are helping me change my life. It's as though any praise I've given on a different teacher was a lie and not authentic. You are really going to the roots of it. You have such a profound understanding and a very real and concrete one, with lots of experience.

You are helping me achieve what I've always dreamt unconsciously of wanting. You helped me feels more like a child and to remind me of what it means to connect with reality (mindfulness and self acceptance).
I've always had an innate wisdom that my life will take such shifts, but never knew when and how... I couldn't know for a fact my long journey has begun and you are someone I look up to.

Basically I can't really describe with words the way in which I feel about the existence of your channel and the amount of honest, real, deep and practical value you give us.

You are truly a moving force here that helps reduce the suffering of the world and raise happiness and consciousness.

Leo, I really don't know where I'd been without your channel. Probably still a victim, still being blind to the toxic unconsciousness which is binding me in my family. Probably still suffering and feeling fragmented and losing sense of reality.

You are a true hero that I look up to.
I  am still studying the foundational videos you posted and already starting to feel big differences in my life.
I hope one day I'll see you in real life and tell you how thankful I am for your work. Maybe when I'll reach self actualization or even enlightenment.

So in conclusion, I want you to continue doing what you love and impacting the world since it's a great win-win for humanity!

I can't wait to see my life to really transform with your help. Holy fuck, I don't ever remember when was the last time I ever felt so certain that a person has the power to change my life in the right way ...

So have an amazing birthday, great human!

This was very touching to read. I think you spoke for a lot of people who wouldn't say this to him because he says he doesn't like to be praised; but this wasn't praise, it was testimony, and I believe it is testimonies like this that drives someone to keep doing what they're doing. What's inspiring for me is to see other people being inspired by other people's work, no matter who it is, because the chain reaction from that is what helps to change the world collectively. I only wish Leo would stop stating he doesn't like to be "praised" because people with testimonies like this will probably be deterred thinking it's "praise" not realizing the difference. Not everyone is "praising" out of selfishness or ego but would genuinely like for him to realize the impact his work is having on their lives. Personally, I don't really praise him I just flirt with him and leave little silly comments on his videos on YT that he either doesn't read or ignores and I don't really care either way I'm just being silly; but on a serious note, for him to dedicate his life to doing this and have impacted so many lives positively without compromising himself and subduing to societal standards and norms in order to get his message across is very impressive to me. If it is selfish for me to be inspired by you being inspired, then so be it; but this post inspired me not to go do anything but just for the sake of being inspired. Thank you. Now I feel like it was my birthday.??

You cannot Do your way into Being. 

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Send him a present buy that course. Empty words. 


Happy b-day man. 

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Happy Belated Leo!! Thank you so much for your work. Endlessly grateful for your guidance ❤️

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Yeah, happy birthday Leo!!! I love you, your fucking awesome. ?❤?congrats on the big 3-6. 

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Love life and your Health, INFJ Visionary


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