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Name: Logan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Orange County CA, USA
Occupation: Electrical planner (up until Coronavirus), working on becoming certified life coach, then reform education in U.S. and elsewhere
Marital Status: Dating
Kids: No
Hobbies: meditation, personal development, learning, reading, outdoor adventures/sports, exercise, journaling, archery, motorcycles, teaching, eating healthy, martial arts, contemplation, self inquiry, making people laugh, swimming, ice hockey

I got into personal development in 2014 in response to serious emotional problems and disappointment with my results in therapy. I was extremely self destructive and devilish. I found Leo's YT channel which completely changed my life. I started reading books on psychology and self-esteem and began a meditation practice. I have since bought about 200 books (chipping away at them) and have watched around 200 actualized videos not including the Life Purpose Course.

Personal challenges I've overcome:

Childhood abuse, neglect



Gaming addiction

Shyness, introversion

Found my life purpose

Meditation habit ongoing for 7 years

What I'm working on now:


Big picture thinking




Becoming a leader

Transcending limiting beliefs, biases, paradigms


Contemplation habit

Self inquiry habit

Becoming wise

Strength, gaining weight

Improving my health & diet

Overeating addiction

Being more authentic in relating to others

Non-judgment & compassion

Dating, attracting women

Life coach certification

Marketing skills

Financial Independence

Becoming a great communicator

Moving to a new city

Becoming a Good person

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Name: Brandon
Age: 26
Gender: Attack Helicopter
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Occupation: YouTube Strategist
Marital Status: Single Pringle
Kids: No
Hobbies: reading, synthesising knowledge, chess, self-inquiry, meditation, online business, rhetoric, philosophy, piano, nature, walking

I was 17 and bored after school, scrolling through my 4th gen iPod touch. Opened the iBooks app, came across this book called the 2-week lucid dreamer, had my first lucid dream, was wow'd how awesome the book was so started reading more books, which lead to Rich Dad Poor Dad, which lead to trying and failing some online business attempts until YouTube took off for me and been doing that since. Ended up travelling the world doing the digital nomad thing, all while reading more books and self-developing. Psychedelic experimentation, a little public speaking, podcasted 40 episodes with world class experts and millionaires including Grant Cardone and others, all of this stuff intermixed with periods of anxiety, loneliness, varying levels of depression but fortunately not too much.

Around comes mid-2020 and have my first experience of Joy as a state of being that lasted 6-months straight. Started taking enlightenment work seriously. Became obsessed with Osho. Soon had first minor experience of realizing the self is an illusion. Early 2021 my first stream-entry enlightenment experience.

Currently conversing with an advanced spiritual mentor who I met spontaneously whilst listening to Krishnamurti, Leo, Peter Ralston, Shinzen Young, and Adyashanti to integrate what I've experienced + further my pursuit of enlightenment.


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Accepting the death of my Mother

Mindset of employed versus investor (overcoming)

Stuck living with parents to living independently with heaps of free time doing my own thing

Exited Christianity

Didn't fit in at school, now I feel I fit in socially and have nearly 0 issues

Beat the water temple in Zelda Ocarina of Time multiple times


What I'm working on now:


Scaling business with a team


Understanding society and politics

Winning Chess

Establishing in-person discourses, something like what Terence McKenna used to do

Preparing food with love

Learning how to clean stuff properly and be a responsible tenant/adult

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Name: Ahmet Yıldırım 

Age:     33

Gender : Male

Location: Turkey

Occupation: currently unemployed. ( on a search for a career to do with purpose) 

Marital Status: Single

Childeren: No 

Hobbies: Travel, long walks in the nature, personal development, watching movies, reading, 

it was 3 years ago when I was in a really desperate situation. Since I used to live my whole life extremely unconcius finally it hit. I got my first panic attack which now I see as a wake up call or gift. Of course it was not looking that way at that time. I lost my father next year. which was my biggest fear at that time ..  it was horrible I was in the depth of despair.  That was when I met with Actualized.org . I watched llots of videos, not only Leo's videos but a lot of video on anxiety, panic attack, depression and so on.. I read a lot of books on that issues.  it was a difficult time when I was self-diagnose myself with all sort of mental disorders. And consuming all sorts of information on web about my percived ''disorders'' . During that time I was working as a receptionist at a hotel. Since I used to work at night shift there was plenty of free time to watch videos, read books and have anxiety crises:)) Long story short; then years passed not easy and not quick but definetely healing, transforming.  

Back to today ; 

Challenges I ve overcome 

- taking control of my panic attacks; almost no panic attack for the last two year 

- Greatly reducing my anxius and depressif moods ( I was  even afraid of going out at that times) 

-Reconnecting with some old friends

- Saying truth to my family about my work ( I used to lie them) 

- Avoiding some toxic people that I used hang out with 

- Becoming aware of my self biases, shits, lies, fears, 

- Finally this year after quiting my job and moving to my home town; quit smoking, starting to work on my diet and made some changes for good, mediatating daily, exercising every other day, journalling, 

and a lot of other benefits that I gained from that journey that I even forget some and lots of little things that can full a few page.. 

Something I am currently working on; 

- since I am recently applying some important concepts to practise there is lots of backslide, depression, confusion I am working on

- Dating and relationships in general

- Assertiveness

- Engineering and thinking a lot on  of my life , social circle, family relations, beliefs, customs, 

- Working on lack of theory and filling the gaps 

- İn search for Life Pupose, 

- Personal Finance

- Overcoming some family related issues

- starting my own business 

and so on... 


Thank you so much Actualized.org and Leo for contrubuting a change I even couldn't dream few years ago.. 





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Name: Sebastián Martínez
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Location: Santiago de los caballeros, Dominican Republic
Occupation: Writer, translator, and SEO. (Used to be a civil engineer)
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Video games, writing, meditation, reading, biodanza (not doing it right now because the biodanza class is close since the pandemic began), I also make aluminum foil hats for fun (and wear them).

I got into personal development in 2010 while I was going to college when I stumbled upon Seth Pagan dating material and he made me realize that I, despite being shy and awkward and only being 5'0" could become attractive by working in my inner game. . At that time I didn't get much evident progress but that planted some seeds that would become important later on. In 2015 I got diagnosed with Crohn disease with made me feel betrayed for my body and I began having thoughts along the lines of "I only have this chance at life and now I have a chronic disease and so my only chance is ruined" this proved not to be true since despite how drastic was my second flare (I had another one before on 2014 but didn't get diagnosed) I would have 5 years of perfect symptomless remission, but what matters is how that planted the seeds of spirituality in me and opened up my way into the idea of "this is finite life is not the entirety of you" and "there are ways to be happy even if your body decides not to contribute".

In 2016 I began my career as a civil engineer and for my first and only civil engineering job (that would last almost 5 years) I spent 1.5 years on a very rural area where I didn't have much of a chance to date or socialize which were my two main weakness, and I didn't know how to exit my situation and feared being so far away for a long time, but then by the end of 2017 I got sent to work by the city and I appreciated so much the opportunity that I socialized A LOT and in doing so I expanded my social circles and made good friends including a woman who is today my best friend since 2018. In 2019 I began using MDMA for self-improvement (always making sure to wait at least 3 months between uses), and on October 12 of 2019 I had my 3rd MDMA experience which was incredibly transformative to the point of reducing my fear of abandonment, understanding by heart (not simply by logic) that my friends do love me; the emotional trio comprised by jealousy, envy and comparison with others also got deeply reduced, and from then on I am a much happier and less anxious person. This began a new stage in my life

Personal challenges I've overcome:

-Defeated multiple voices/forms/sources of anxiety 

-Went from having no real friends to having many close friends that I cherish and who share a big chunk of my vision

-Changed careers

-Learned to love mindfulness

-Went through Crohn flare a third time during the pandemic and processed a lot of issues in the process.

-Cleaned up the background anxiety that was ever-present on the background of my mind and all over my skin in the form of tension.

What I'm working on now:

-Getting a stable source of income so I can get into Yoga class, buy the life purpose course, spend money on SEO learning, buy a simple but reliable car and move to Cabarete.

-Improving my social skills and become more confident

-Defeat social anxiety and learn sexual confidence and charisma



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I was a fan of the rapper 50 Cent's music  and heard about the book he created with Robert Greene, The 50th Law. I liked it so I looked into more of Robert Greene's books. Found out about self-help, realized the potential, and I've been hooked on developing myself ever since.

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On 7/29/2017 at 8:48 PM, WaterfallMachine said:

Name: Bianca
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Philippines
Occupation : Student in a high school that specializes in science and mathematics. 
Marital Status: Not interested.
Kids: No
Hobbies : I like to try new hobbies and I change hobbies regularly, but lasting ones are reading books from every genre (Especially personal development, thrillers and science), programming and meditation. Some of my recent hobbies are, Yoga, poetry, making theories on cartoon shows and puzzles. Also researching the physics of comic book characters. Also, cute cat pictures. Oh boy.

I began personal development when I had depression and anxiety as an 11 year old. The earliest of what could be depression I remember is when I learned how to empathize. I was the kid who kept making inappropiate pranks, jokes and was often pretty rude and blunt. I don't think I ever actually had any deep connection with anyone back then, even my family. When I first felt major pangs of guilt, I was far from welcoming it. I tried to pounce on every thought that wanted me to change and suppressed every feeling I had so much that I was literally distressed every moment of everyday. 

I was a wide reader as a kid. And one of those things I read was personal development. I never actually took action to them, but damn, I wanted to get out of there and I wanted to figure out how. 

As I realized this, my anxiety would spiral into more and more fears. I started thinking every body sensation like itching, tingling or pressure was a sign I would die. I started to worry about my grades more. I had this fear that everyone hated me and if they don't, if they knew the real me, they would. I would have hidden rages at people for the little things they've done. I wish I could have traveled back in time and guided my younger self, but for the next few years I would continue researching and acting on the pursuit of happiness, with barely any asking for help at all.

Why did I live? I thought sometimes. Because I did not finish every interesting book and article in the world. I was that kid who kept asking questions, questioned ideas and was easily amazed. Of all the horrifying things I've gone through, losing my curiosity was for me the greatest loss I ever had. And I would do anything. Anything. To get it back. Gratitude, love, humor, excitement or any other kind of happiness was hard. But curiosity? There was still some left and I made sure that shit grew.

On the last year, I felt I exhausted every option. The last thing I could think of was actually asking for help. I practiced first anonymously online on a site with volunteer listeners. And I followed through even if as I did it I distrusted them so much I often cried for hours after it from embarrassment. But I was so touched by their acceptance and kindness that I started giving more merit what I thought of "The absolute irrationality of love". So I practiced what I could of loving kindness meditation even if it took months for me to past barely feeling anything.

On about every step on the way when I didn't feel like going on, I asked myself, "Wouldn't it be interesting to see what happened next?" I had learned the most important lesson in my life : That curiosity has to be always stronger than fear.

Later on I'd tell one of the listeners on the site something and it went like this.

"Things have gone meaningless. You know, I want to use my curiosity and pursuit of truth for something more than myself. I don't know what. I don't know how. But I know why." 

"I'm so glad you're starting to see that love, relationships and kindness is more important."

"Love and kindness as most important? Hell no. Wisdom, curiosity and truth will always be more important. But . . . that doesn't mean I could do both. Maybe."

"I'm so happy!"

"Oh shut up. Well, I mean. . . thank you."

Somewhere along those days, my results started accelerating. I just seemed to have more motivation. More control. More satisfaction. More awareness. More confidence. More everything. It's a long story, but I've never felt so damn happy in my entire life.

How I changed for the better :

Gained numerous Jhana experiences. 

Studied various facets of happiness psychology, CBT, mindfulness, Stoicism, existentialism, Shadow Work, a bit of NLP and other tools for my pursuit of happiness. 

Feel elated for much of the day. Wakes up excited and sleep excited. Ridiculous amounts of drive.

Studied the science and art of learning. The art of problem solving and creative thinking. Mastered many techniques.

Had an account on Quora (A Q&A) for life advice (especially on learning techniques and mental health) and gained from the start to now, a total of 100,000+ views. One article got on the Quora digest. 

Worked on having more genuine and authentic relationships. Gained more trust and openness with others. Became a lot more likeable and willing to like others.

Lost some weight. Ate healthy more. Exercises more. 

Mastered the psychology of typology for personal development. Because of that, I gained a ridiculous awareness of my strengths, weaknesses, problems, opportunities, feelings, thoughts, behavior and values for my growth that is increasing as I change everyday in life. 

Gained an ability to be so curious that I can be interested in about everything. Can stare at a wall for one hour and think it's interesting.

What I'm working on now :

Trying more advanced physical exercises. 

Researching on diet. Haha. I'm good at the exercise part but kind of bad in the diet part.

Getting through stages 6-8 of the 10 Meditation Stages mentioned in the book The Mind Illuminated.

Trying to learn how to program Python for my life purpose.

Trying to better my logical reasoning skills for life purpose.

Trying to get my ass to donate more. (Main problem to this : "But think of all the interesting books and courses I could get with that money!!)

Challenging materialist paradigm. Reading Leo's recommended books and trying out more "new agey" techniques to try myself. Especially past life regression. Is it me or nearly all visions of my past lives included insanely curious people?

Awesome background Bianca, curious if you are still active here?

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Name:Ma.Jackie Fernandez
Marital status:Single
Hobbies:Learning, personal development,music,reading, visualization and research

AT 15 I started doing self help watching a lot of motivational yt channels and then to LOA and then at 16 I really want to get rid  of social anxiety or just maybe to overcome it coz I know it is holding me back from doing the things that I want and after searching for some channel that talks about how to stop caring what people think of you.I'm really glad that I stumbled upon Actualized.org.At that time until now it puts me into new reality bcoz back then I have this kind of victim mentality,comparing myself to others and a lot of unhealthy mindset.After watching his channel and putting some of it into practice. This gives me hope and strength bcoz even now dealing with  financial problem ,also my parents really my family is dysfunctional.They are also very religious.Yes I know it is not healthy but that's not gonna be the biggest problem.

As a kid I have the vision for myself that I don't want to waste my life . I know  deep down that I am destined for something.And I am gonna create it consciously.

I become more aware atleast on my emotions and thoughts.

Everything has recontextualized.

And now  I'm working on myself and finding people who can help me atleast  and any resources coz I do really want to move out from my parents house and to be independent .

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  • Name: Adriana
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 18 Years old
  • Location: Dallas TX,
  • Occupation: Gap Year Student
  • Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Personal development, making fine art, learning new forms of making art

I got into personal development at the end of 2020 after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I felt really lost and I felt like I had nothing left to look forward to since all of my ambitious ideas couldn't materialize due to my poor work ethic and fears. So I just dwelled in overstimulation until it was time to sleep everyday.

One day i snapped and decided that I wanted to figure out what went wrong in that relationship  to prevent something like that to happen again. The first book that spoke to me was Mark Manson's Subtle art of not giving a fuck and from there I slowly began to realize that I had extreme low self esteem all my life and was able to pinpoint what instances in my childhood sparked that. I was very desperate and needy to my ex, but I repressed it until I couldn't handle it anymore and I remember feeling like a doll who just did whatever he wanted to do.

What I've gotten from Leo's videos

  • I don't hate the way I look anymore/indifference
  • I have more instances where I take more control of my actions
  • gratitude journaling
  • savoring random moments of my day
  • inconsistent meditation
  • better understanding of life as a whole, idea of what I should do
  • A lot more self awareness, but not enough to direct myself to taking better steps

what I'm working on

  • I'm still in the struggling phase of pinpointing my values and such, but right now I'm in a arts competition called YoungArts where I can get lifetime career support as an artist and 10k bucks. 
  • Understanding the fundamentals of personal development deeper
  • Life purpose course
  • clean up diet
  • free mental health course by coursera
  • beginning therapy with better help
  • i want to start increasing my finances for financial independence ASAP, but postponing for now

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Name: Christoph Werner 

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Location: Estepona, Spain

Occupation: Vegetable Gardener, Meditation Teacher

Marital Status: Girlfriend 

Kids: No

Hobbies: acrobatic yoga, hatha yoga, exploration of spirituality, volleyball, meditation, psychedelics, traveling, community



I got into personal development in 2018. After school I travelled for one year and I knew I want something more in my life then the examples that I've seen in my surroundings growing up. My dad programmed me from early childhood with "always think for yourself", "Be passionate for what you do"and "sustainability is important". 2018 I did some lsd with a friend and that changed everything, the day after, having many questions, I found Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, and Leo Gura. I was the most happy that day I found Leo's channel watching his video "What is God? Leo becomes absolute infinity" and looking at his channel I instantly knew I discovered a gold mine :). 


Personal challenges I've overcome:

Healing childhood trauma from my mother who loved and hated me, which confused me a lot 

Forgiving my mother and developed a loving relationship with her 

Overcoming Cannabis Addiction 

Some achievements: 

telepathy, ability to go change the chemistry of my body into love at will, communication channel with a spirit guide that always puts me into the right places and connects me with the right people for my evolution, becoming attractive for women,  transformed all my relationships into loving relationships, self discipline in food, and spiritual practise 


What I'm working on now:

Fully merging with The Self, Transmitting and teaching other people how to  connect to source consciousness, Educating myself about agriculture and building Community, Preparing people for the coming collapse 



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On 8/9/2022 at 7:39 AM, StarStruck said:

Some people give a lot of info.. damn😃


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Name: Riley Holland
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Location: Portland, OR
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No
Hobbies: Literature, meditation, playing guitar, playing bass in my band, boxing, writing, marketing

I originally got into personal development to deal with the massive anxiety and depression I struggled with as a young man, but also out of a natural fascination with the mind and pushing its limits that I had since I was a kid, too. That search became the focus of my life for a long time, and I ended up having plenty of challenges, but also successes. 

With all that, I feel like I’ve reached a bit of a plateau in the last couple years. I completed what felt like my major stuff that was plaguing me, and the themes that defined the first half of my life feel more or less “wrapped up.” I’ve been happy to be able to use that experience positively to help others, but I’ve been mostly in teacher mode the last couple years, focusing on helping other people, and neglecting my own further development a bit. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling the irresistible itch to go further with my own inner work, to see it fresh again, and expand into my “frontier” goals.

What I’ve overcome:

  • Overcame severe stage fright and fear of public speaking. Gradually broke through teaching college classes in my early twenties as part of a grad assistant program. That one almost derailed me. 
  • Got past intense social anxiety, which was a big problem for a long time. 
  • Became secure and eliminating anxiety around feeling physical vulnerability by exploring and getting basic competency in martial arts
  • Found the ideal diet for me, and sticking with it, and staying fit
  • Successfully navigated (i.e., survived) two prolonged “dark night of the soul” eras of my life
  • Healed much of my family relationships and many of my patterns with romantic relationship
  • Satisfied my hunger for high-intensity psychedelic experiences, including in ritual contexts (Daime, NAC), and experimented with many forms of energetic/mind-body healing, finding what worked best for me
  • Trained, learned, and taught a deep form of bioenergetic bodywork that put me in touch with the deeper “kundalini” energies in my body, and gradually but ultimately resolved my anxiety, depression and deep chronic tensions
  • Created and am running my own business based on teaching my own presentation of all I learned throughout my process of personal development, which certainly feels like my life’s purpose

What I’m working on now:

  • Non-duality
  • Insight meditation
  • Exploring concentration practices more deeply
  • Expanding and growing my business
  • Overall, setting the tone for what other personal development themes will color the second half of my life 
  • Not dropping the ball on the basic, fundamental competencies of being a human

I’m looking forward to immersing myself in this forum with a “beginner’s mind,” and interacting with what looks like a great community. 

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Name: -

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Occupation: Video games / IT

Marital Status: Dating

Kids: No

Hobbies: Lego, Star Wars, becoming most resilient and capable person I know, understanding everything.


I got into personal development around 2014. I sucked with girls and hated clubs, they were loud and crowded and smelled like cigarettes and I was wondering how people are having fun in such places. Two years of hard work, frustration, RSD content and going out with a same level experienced friend and my cousin, I started to get results and do wonders compared to my circle's standards. Around the time I discovered Leo's content and I was amazed by such a guy, tried to test everything from his videos and at times to mimic him (I know, I know 🤣)

Before I went to university, my father died so I took the duty of taking over his business and also go to studies. After doing non stop work or sleep I burned out, and for a week I barely was able even to use the bathroom. I felt that like a wake up call, and decided that I'll learn to make money in a smarter way, quit the studies and passed on the business (quitting the study part may or may not have been a smart move, however at the time and probably always, I'll consider my health to be more important). I also understood how much integrity means to me (the business was corrupt, and I would never lead another corrupt business again, as sooner or later it bites you in the ass + my moral compass hated me continuously until I quit it). Around that time I started experimenting with drugs and doing psychological work on myself. Some work went well, some was straight up stupid and full of errors. It was interesting that after I worked with a therapist, we had moments where I was telling about a conviction I would have or something I was attempting to do, and for her to debunk it in like 10 minutes. 


Personal challenges I've overcome:


Absolutely sucked at attracting women

Used to be very shy, introverted, and socially awkward

Had no clue about making money. I still can't say that I'm an expert, however I'm much more knowledgeable on the matter than before and I believe I will only grow forward from now on

Being easy to break and unadaptable 


What I'm working on now:


Working on getting rid of my addictions (nicotine, weed)

Working on improving my health & diet

Working on being more zen

Working on climbing the pyramid and get financially free eventually 


Dream which will come true (hopefully while I'm still young enough to enjoy it): create most awesome game there is (shooter or MMORPG genre)

Become financially free enough so that I don't worry about money, can pursue my creative dream projects, see dear people whenever I want to do that and in a nutshell doing what I want, when I want, how I want. I want to make an impact and to provide some value to people (a few years ago I was thinking to make that by teaching people how to do pick up more ethically, I literally never lied a woman since I promised to do so back when I realized how damaging to others being toxic is, and I surprisingly had times when I would see 4 or 5 girls regularly, while each one of them would be aware of the other, for 6+ months, multiple times).

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I was fat and fed up. End of story. Or the beginning. . . . And what a ride it is 

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