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Happy Easter! ?


I vaped 3 hits of 5-MeO Oxalate just after having smoked enough hits of weed to feel high. This report was copy-pasted from my journal. I will answer further questions about the experience if you have any. Namasté

This was before yesterday, when I had the urge to just get high, and after this 5-Meo experience, came an urge to have freedom in how I eat, and what I do. I ended up talking to my family, Iris, Serena about things, while eating a lot of food. I also took a walk outside, eating banana chips and drinking juice.


So, I brought out the 5-MeO, as I saw it to be appropriate to mix with the weed that I was just smoking. And so I took some, and experienced the fear, yet, I also experienced this serene safety of being at my home, where nothing could go wrong. I remember that the weed high, even though it was 2 weeks ago that I last got high, was very clear.

One thought that was most triggering as I vaped the initial 2 hits of 5-MeO was that "this was gonna last for a long time, as I was also high on weed, and maybe the synergistic effects of these two will make it all last longer". I surrendered this thought.

After two hits (experiencing fear), I had the urge to take a last one (excited, turning my excitement into positive action), all of the hits were minor, yet I knew that this last hit was gonna turn the experience into something profound. Here is what followed:

Fear was present, Body and mind started slipping away. Thoughts became obvious, now obvious creations out of nothingness. Coming from nothing. This nothing could spawn any thought into existence, hence it created reality. This nothing was also beyond the senses, as the senses were soaked in the nothingness. I could also say that the feeling-experience of this nothingness was Huge, it was Huge. So large.

At this point, I was kind of murmuring to myself how Leo would say it, that "it's infinite, its infinite, etc", because my thoughts describing the experience was aware of the size of this void, and the thoughts couldn't grasp the void with any size measurement that the thoughts themselves could express. So, the thoughts kept happening, observed to be creating the perspective in which I ground reality.

Time seemed to slow down, yet I was still grounded in time, as the illusion of time was still solid, still something to return to, every heartbeat, every second. Yet it was frightening to be in touch with this the enormous creative power of the void, as I could create the death of my body right then and there if I so wanted to > by jumping out the window.

But I didn't. I chose to murmur the words to myself: Love, infinity, bliss, ecstasy, joy, God, Creation. And these words set the tone of what was being created in the experience.

How did I know that the void was endless? Because it was clear that everything in my experience was its creation, coming from this "space". It's difficult to explain this space, as explanation is a part of the space which creates thought. We can say "Whatever I explain the space to be, is the space itself, taking certain shapes". Yet by the experience getting contorted to have everything in the experience point to the space being there: the intuition, the thoughts, the colors, the senses, as they all were formed, but most importantly how they are were seen indicated there was a "seer". And this "seer" is present as "a void", in which all thoughts spawn. Where it becomes obvious (as an insight, expressed even through thought at that moment), that this void can create anything it wants. And so it's understood that this void is beyond all things that is "seen", that the "seer" is thus unlimited. It takes on certain shapes as it wants to, it's the creator and what is being created - Because it takes on shapes which itself is made out of, as the substance of the shapes is the void, just because the void is creating everything. And so the creator is the created. And so we can say that we are under constant creation, by an infinite void which we are. Oh, what a bliss. Oh, what a bliss.

The very last thing that was glimpsed before the ego came back to its grips was how loving it is. How loving creation is. How allowing it is. How beautiful. Most of all, how allowing it is. It allows anything, in love with anything, everything. It allows itself to be created, in any shape or form.

There were no "rolling on the floor in love and bliss", but just a kind of "mild awe" of this realization.

The feeling of ego coming back to reality is that time came back, thoughts became structured as usual, and the fear just vanished.

When I opened my eyes, the OEV had reality be white, as if it was 50% "faded to white".

I think that if I would have taken a fourth hit, that the void would've became more total, saturating my sense of self, expanding the sense of self to be one with the void. This triggers bliss, melts away all fear (fear is untenable in unity), and re-contextualizes the senses and any thoughts to be of the creation of me as void.

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@Igor82 Wow, thank you for this good 5 meo dmt report! Hope I will be there one day also

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12 hours ago, Igor82 said:

There were no "rolling on the floor in love and bliss", but just a kind of "mild awe" of this realization.

That's only cause you got deeper to go ;)

Good trip

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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13 hours ago, Igor82 said:

it was frightening to be in touch with this the enormous creative power of the void, as I could create the death of my body right then and there if I so wanted to > by jumping out the window.

I remember in one 5-MeO episode, Leo talked about, "putting away all of the knives". Are locking the windows, hiding the knives, or whatever other safety measure necessary for a trip? Is hurting yourself likely during one of these trips!? 

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@OBEler Thank you, amazing man. I have this playful attitude with 5-MeO, I have this vape that works wonders, and this powder that can easily be inserted into the vape, so, I can experiment with the substance to really build a relationship with it. I think that an easily accessible relationship with 5-MeO is what will spawn amazing trips through something like the 80/20 rule. Take it slow, but take it!

It's quite an experience to just take a super minor hit, and feel how it feels. To be in control in that sense, and through control, surrender control, by taking some more :D 

@Leo Gura Haha! Yeah. Thanks. Some day ill be sitting in that bathtub with 25mg's up my ass. Or casually vaping breakthrough doses while sitting on the bus or something.

@Gianna Okay, so yeah. Essentially, things like knives in the house is food for thought. So, what will probably happen is that fear will spawn morbid thoughts, and if there are knives in the house, one might think of using those knives to die. The fear spawns these thoughts (risk of death). Once when I plugged 5-MeO, I had a sweater which when I was high on the 5-MeO, this sweater started feeling "hot", and the fear I experienced hooked onto this experience of "hot" projecting the cause of fear of death onto the sweater, as if "the sweater was killing me". But this was just a projection.

The thing with fear is that fear resides in emotion and thought, but we have the choice to act on that fear or not. If we act on fear, that will complete the fear cycle, creating more fear, creating more fearful thoughts. If we act upon fear, we can trigger panic. Now panic is quite an uncomfortable experience, also dangerous as that might result in an accident.

Fear uses doubt. This is why prior experience can help a lot, because that disarms doubt. I have no doubt that vaping 5-MeO lasts for only 15 minutes, and I can use this certainty to disarm my own fear. Something like: I have a trip sitter here, and I have no doubt that my body won't receive any harm due to this experience.

But if I start doubting the psychedelic, or the actual safety of my experience, fear can escalate a lot easier in thought and emotion. But the last thing you want to do is to act upon that fear. Rather, we want to surrender to the experience.

Surrendering is done by not acting into that fear, rather, be the watcher of every single feeling or thought stemming from the fear, sort of be the seer, lovingly allowing any thought or feeling to arise. This is the key to dealing with fear, watch it, and don't act.

But hey, what if I see a bear in the woods? Well, then you are certain of danger, and that certainty makes you act.

But why can't that certainty make me act in the case of 5-MeO? Because with 5-MeO, you are certain that it's all right to observe the fear. That there is nothing to be afraid of. Set and setting are important to facilitate this mindset that "there is nothing to be afraid of if I just sit here on the couch"...

Until you sit long enough to realize that fear is rooted in duality, and that the actual bliss of unity makes fear melt away - Another way to disarm fear is just to connect with the simplicity of reality, where duality collapses, simplicity (unity) arises, and so there is like nothing to be afraid of, because there is nothing but one thing. In this way, love always wins.

Like: "There is not even anything to be afraid of, like, why am I even feeling afraid? Like all stuff has melted away dude, why are you even afraid?? There's nothing here!" And so, bliss.

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@Igor82 good work!  Sounds like this Easter Experience definitely trumped Charlie Brown's Peanuts Easter special :)



Wisdom.  Truth.  Love.

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