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Tips for ADHD?

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I think I might have a mild form of ADHD but not sure yet. Can you recommend drugs,herbs, supplements or general ways to deal with the disease.

I might be able to start detoxing mercury soon,so yeah,that might help.

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I have ADHD, I think its a milder type but ADHD nonetheless. Concerta got me through college, but it either lost its power or it doesn't help with anything else with me.

Personal notes: Stage orange advice, like affirmations and stuff like that dont work with me. I can do them 3 months tops and I cant continue because the disinterest becomes too great even if they work like charm, and they do work like charm. Exception: Dopamine detox and limiting high dopamine activities like TikTok or 9GAG are MUST for someone with ADHD, its very easy to waste your life watching cat videos and playing videogames.

However, the perverted side-effect of ADHD is that you get hyperfocus for things that do interest you (The bad ones too!). You will know you have found your passion when you find something interesting and after studying 12 hours a day for 2 weeks you are still interested and its easy to continue working on reaching your passion related goals. You dont need tricks, you dont need to wake up at certain time and chant four words in front of a mirror every morning, midday and evening. If its your passion, you just do it and you never get tired of the work. If you are truly ADHD, use this as your advantage.

On the sidenote, you mentioned that you might have ADHD? Would it be financially possible for you to go take a test?

EDIT: I dont believe there is a definitive drug, diet or lifestyle that can cure ADHD. Alleviate symptoms yes, but not cure. It is a neurological disorder after all. Adderall and Concerta may work for a short while, but personal experience and what I've read says that they stop working.

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Limit alcohol and caffeine intake. 


observe your behaviours 

do inner child work 

your adhd developed in childhood from receiving a lack of attention (attention deficit) It’s a coping mechanism... the zoning out, the high sensitivity, fidgetiness, hyper focus etc all survival.  Realising this helped me.

Dr Gabor mate goes into great detail about this, there are lots of talks on YouTube.  
He has a book called ‘scattered minds’ I really recommend you read that. 

Do you plan going to a psychiatrist to get tested? 





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In the Leo's fasting video he mentioned that it helped him clear up his mind. I have noticed the same thing and it's a big difference. 

If you're motivated enough to do it I would start with a 24 hour fast. Just eat your dinner and then dont eat until the dinner next day and don't forget to have some salt in water for energy balance. 

If you're less motivated clearing up your diet is a must. 

What are the most common foods that you eat? 

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This one can be difficult to pinpoint but few known suspects are: 

* prolonged exposure to environmental toxins like lead, BPA, POPs and other stuff
* exposure in pre-natal state through maternal exposure
* being born through c-section and/or not having been breast fed 
* prolonged vitamin D deficiency 
* compromised gut health and/or dysbiosis and/or permeable gut 
* having obstructive sleep apnea or sleep disturbance
*  excessive exposure to stimulants in childhood 

Hard to say without doing proper digging. I'd also consider reading "scattered minds" from Gabor Matte, it may be that this has a strong spiritual and emotional component. 

My Website - Feel free to reach out for a confidential discussion about a health issue you're currently struggling with. 

"Your moment-to-moment experience of the world is largely determined by the story you tell yourself about it" - Chris Williamson

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You can use tools that will help you to stay organized. Keep track of assignments in a homework notebook or on a phone organization app. List the books and assigned readings you will require to bring home. You can set phone reminders for classes and other appointments, or note them down in a planner.

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