What's the Most Effective Way to Quiet Your Mind?

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What's the best way to quiet the mind? To be in the moment and not caught up in all the petty thoughts that fly by. What is required to achieve this state of mind?

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Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Let yourself escape reality momentarily. Feel that blissful silence take over. Then come back and face the music.

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@longusername12345 I use a mental streaming method combined with the well known mindfulness meditation I adopted for my own purposes.

I find it gets to the root core of belief outside of regular conscious reasoning as well because awareness is teaching itself to deal with inner phenomena directly rather then what I’d comparatively say is indirectly via say reasoning, which has unique effectiveness, however doesn’t listen to belief nearly as fast so if you imagine yourself doing baseball training where you got the ball gun constantly firing balls at you that you’re trying to hit with your bat, the balls here are the “beliefs” as we’ve concretely termed them and you with your bat is the technique. You don’t have time to screw around needless to say.

The method:

So other than closing my eyes and watching my breath the next step is to give awareness to rather than ignore the mental stream of thoughts in your mind.

But instead of consciously interacting with them as most people do with their inner dialogue, which is why I reaction and thinking gets a bad wrap in this sense, I simply “stream” those inner landscapes (thoughts, strings of thoughts, mental phenomena, projections) + combining it with an emotional tag, love. All this streaming involves is perceptually differentiating to the greatest extent, say if a cat comes to mind then you’ll visually examine all those features as much as possible combined with perceiving any patterns you notice internal and external to the cat while focusing on and feeling the vibration of love throughout this process.

This generates a priming effect which alters your subconscious minds future interpretation of not only cats but your entire beings future perception because you’re slowly conditioning yourself on the level of feeling (love) and analysis (perceptual differentiation). In combination then even when you’re thinking you’ll see life more and more through the vibration of love, naturally.

This means no more worries, no more anxieties, no more traumas. 

Because when they appear in the mind you’ll be:

(1) training your mind to fully perceive the phenomena rather than resist them in any way

(2) this examination won’t be caught up in complicated emotions but instead will be streamed lined through love which slowly alter the underlying beliefs, those automatic baseballs I mentioned get fired by our subconscious mind more and more overtime 

This is a recent adaptation I’ve invented. You won’t here about it anywhere else.

This doesn’t fully “quiet your mind” of course, however it “fully calms the mind” relative to your needs whether it’s in an orderly slow state or a comparatively chaotic fast state. I think most would agree the latter is the more generally applicable state, meaning something that’s more generally useful as opposed to say trying to zombify yourselves.

You can also use this technique for mentalising about and therefore bringing a higher state to anything. 

See the problem with our human mental condition in the context of our psychology is that we mostly totally miss the bridge between conscious and unconscious thought. Most of us just feel perpetual victims to literally any reactions that come to us in the moment that we’ve become attached to given them entitlement over ourselves and our self concept, meaning no matter what we reaction we have we falsely attribute that to our self structure / ourselves. There’s no clear distinction there being made most of the time unless we’re closely and slowly examining ourselves like an Olympian would in the video replay of their performance to watch for improvements. 

This technique is designed so that, you can use the very combination that creates belief, perception + emotion, at the root level to give oneself the best chance at altering those underlying hard to reach structures through just everyday regular processing + any specific event or mental modality you want to take your mind to such in the case of traumatic memories. 

Just in the case of any specialised event such as that you would apply the noted streaming sequence plus any additional features you needed to implement to fully process the corresponding conditions. For example in the case of a traumatic memory, let’s say it was physical violence, you would simultaneously “stream” not linguistically think of all the adaptations you would sensibly make to put yourself in a better position if the incident were to happen again to give yourself the best chance at learning from the situation. Experiencing and harnessing the full power of the vibration of love of course is not the absence of intelligence otherwise you wouldn’t be bother spending your time differentiate the mental contents as clearly as possible. 

Most people’s problem with thought and feeling outside of capacity which they can slowly build in this sense is the ability to do it at the root level and in combination with one another. Quite often people will try to think but because their emotions aren’t aligned they’ll have either maladaptive thinking or emotions which make the task of thinking unproductive. The same too with emotions, in the case of processing emotions they will often give too much or too little meaning to those emotions they’re experiencing such that they can traumatise themselves further or not heal from the trauma release process enough. In general I’d recommend doing trauma releases just very naturally without this process but in the case of regular emotions I think it’s pivotal at slowly weaning yourself off the attachment to automatic reactions as being a part of the intrinsic definition of self and pruning away maladaptive reactions. By focusing on the vibration of love combined with full perceptual differentiation you change the underlying structures that give initial rise of the corresponding thoughts and emotions relating to the situation or general mental phenomenon whatever happens to be.

I use the following ontological categories on occasion in warming up this kind of differentiation. They take a bit of effort to learn and this method which you won’t hear of literally anywhere else likely of course only favours the open minded. Feel free to ask further questions for clarification, elaboration, etc.


Using this method you’ll be able to much more quickly quit or adopt any habit, this is because you’re using it in the midst of experiencing the state that either pulls you away from the habit you want to produce or towards the habit you want to avoid. Habit/Behaviour. This is of course after enough training where you’re able to apply it in the moment as opposed to just sitting with your eyes closed being mindful of your breath.

Why does it work so effectively once you get the hang of it? Simple.

You’re establishing a bridge rather than being always at the effect between thought, emotion and awareness, the bridge here being between awareness and that duo. 

As implied, this lack of a bridge is what leads us to falsely attribute the quality and kind of thoughts ad emotions we have as something that defines our identity and sense of self rather than being a temporary and ephemeral state of being that is simply waiting on intelligent instruction from your conscious awareness which is what this method aims to achieve in a sophisticated way. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well am I asking for money? Nope. I have nothing to gain by telling you so no reason to fool other than to playfully troll which I have no interest in doing here other than inwardly speaking :P . If anything all I ask in return is that you let me know it’s working after consistent practice for even just say 35 minutes a day but the more a better.

Consider this the prelude to generating techniques that get more at the epistemological root of being where we truly regenerate and generate novel interpretations that alter and even upgrade our lenses of reality rather than just at the psychological level where we just play back and fourth between pre-existing beliefs.

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Posted (edited)

Self hypnosis, Fiona is good:

Or this one works wonders on my Monkey Mind (if I don't actually fall asleep):

Or ambient music.

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Consiousness is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.

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Nothing much really, but it is not thinking process, so idk how to explain it.

Your chatter is not issue, your state is , expand your experience so it is not caught in story inside experience , but you perceive whole experience with everything else happening as independent process, it does not mean that you have to ignore something, you just have to free yourself and see whole picture instead of part of it, should not take more then 15 min if you got it. 


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