Unrequited Love

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Anyway, since you are the one doing it, you should examine why you are doing it.

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Unrequited love is a belief system.

These are some of the core beliefs in the system:

1. I am a separate self living in a world of objects and people.

2. That man/woman is separate from me.

3. Married people and romantic couples are separate from me and the rest of the world. They successfully separated themselves from wholeness. Married people and romantic couples are not part of wholeness. 

4. Dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are objects that a man/woman can transfer into my body.

5. I can not feel dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin unless a man/woman loves me back.

6. I can own objects and people. Certain people "belong" to me. 

7. I can increase and decrease in worth and value depending on what I have or what happens to me.

8. Love is not infinite. Love is a finite resource that can be shut off and turned on.

9. On some days, I have less love than other days. Yesterday, I had more love than I have today. 

10. Some people have more love than other people.

All of these beliefs are B.S.

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