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8 hours ago, VeganAwake said:

@Kel Varnsen Who is this character that wants to know?

What makes up this 'YOU' character?

What does 'YOU' consist of?

Where is 'YOU' located?

I never understood these types of questions, I guess they are just over my head.  I’m located right here, lol.

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On 2/24/2021 at 3:58 PM, Kel Varnsen said:

There are so many contradictions that I feel like I have gone in a complete circle

Another perspective of viewing this is that you are going through waves of consciousness. Sometimes you'll feel connected and aware of everything. You'll feel like you're growing and learning and maybe even enlightened. Other times you'll feel lost and unconcious. 

Allow yourself to be where you are in this wave at this moment. Not much else you can do. And know that the waves will keep going. With every low comes a high and vice versa. 

Don't need to overthink your position or whether you know enough or how much you've grown etc. This is all just mental games. Be as you are now

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@Kel Varnsen I don’t exactly mean inevitable in that sense. The thing is, is that everything possible is already there, reality itself is complete already, with everything that was, is, and can be. Like meshed into itself, superimposed I think was a phrase leo once used to try describe. All visuals, all sounds, smells, whatever, everything. I’m not meaning that your so called timeline however that turns out is predetermined to be exactly the way it turns out. Kind of like it’s predetermined with every possible outcome that can be experienced from one moment to the next. So it’s both in a sense. Do you as an ego have any say what so ever in this? I’m pretty certain you do, by your attitude of mind, the beliefs you hold, your fears, anxieties and all the rest of what comes with the ego mind. Your concept of self. What exactly manifests into your physical reality and how it’s doing it, how it solidifies, that’s out of your hands as an ego I’m afraid. But be sure that it is you and only you that’s doing it. It’s like your chopping it up, and pulling from all possibilities to ground this one very moment, morphing it from one moment to the next, but also in the very exact same moment. All people, completely imaginary! Completely 100%. Including yourself. Not only have you designed your whole self and body, you’ve designed everybody else’s. You’ve designed everything. Just from a level way above what your conscious of in everyday life. To be fair thinking back now Leo has described in his videos all this, to a far greater degree. I genuinely am not intelligent enough as a human mind to put into words the depth of the realisations. Words and language can’t cut it, I totally get why it can’t be explained, so fair play to anyone who gives it a pop. To conceptually or intellectually get it, is not getting it. And the thing is I know there’s so much more. I was still aware of form throughout all this, so I know within myself there’s so much more to go. I genuinely have no idea how anyone could meditate themselves into those states, as in nowhere near. For me that seems like an impossiblity. But people clearly can, not me though. Without psychedelics I’d be sat here as confused as I’d ever been. So much cleared up. Yet the knowing so much more still unknown??‍♂️. There’s certainly no greater thing in life from my perspective to investigate reality

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