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Hey everyone,

 Since I graduated with a degree in Finance in May 2020 I’ve only been able to manage a 3 month contract position (it was supposed to be 6 months) which helped me gain some relevant experience in things like SAP and other typical cooperate corporate job things. 

I’ve recently realized that what I want more than anything in life is to eventually be able to work remotely. I want to have a decent job and be able to work from any country I want. I am a long way off considering I have almost 0 experience and remote jobs are typically even harder to land than regular on-site jobs but I’m now prepared and more motivated than ever to take necessary action to move along the path of my dream. 

Here is my question: As I continue to struggle to find my real first full time job, what SPECIFIC things can I learn on my own to boost up my resume and allow me to add some more skills and knowledge to my arsenal? I already know a bit of SAP and recently bought a course to get even better at Excel because I’m only intermediate at the moment. What else is very impressive and useful in the finance world? Should I learn quickbooks? SQL? Python? Salesforce? I know it probably depends on the exact job or realm I want to enter but just generally what would be useful and helpful to land my my first job?

Thanks so much for reading and answering. 

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As an accounting professional, 

I would suggest you learn:  Excel- formulae, and become able to use it fluently- Vlookups, Hlookups, SUM IFS, pivot tables

Acccounting wise- know your debits and credits

Learn about reconciliations and the concept behind them

If ttheres a particular industry you want to remote work in- learn about the systems they use- e.g investment companies might use CAMRA.. insurance might use SICS///many companies also use Microsoft Dynamics and Great plains.


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