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Video/Audio recording

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Hey guys,

i really trust your advice so before i dive into google/youtube research full on, any personal recommendations for basic setup to record videos? I'm thinking of recording my creative processes and more.

I already own tripods, a full-frame Canon camera, but have never really used them for video.

Recording/microphone tips both indoors and outdoors would be great.

And your preferred software? No budget really for that so free would be great. I may be able to work it with MovieMaker. No effects needed aside maybe adding text.

Yes yes i'll google it too :P

P.s.: i'm thinking of creating a channel where i would talk both in english and in another one of my native languages. May be confusing but it may also strengthen the brand as a whole for those who can speak both? Or would you advise against it, and create separate ones? And perhaps just reference each other?

Thanks <3

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Hey man I actually use to work in the film industry and have gone freelance. 

Some basic info for starting out. 

- try and use 50mm lens, (prime lens) 

- try and always keep your ISO 800 or below. If your ISO is above 800 and the lens is at the lowest Fstop invest in some lights maybe a soft box. Ofocurse its not the end of the world if you have to go over. 

- Make sure to train your eye to understand when you are out of focus. being out of focus is a rookie mistake. 

- Look at how to apply LUTS on your editing softwear. Always under looked. 

- Your mic needs to be as close to your mouth as possible, keep it hidden if you can. 

- Make sure your mic is set up correctly to your camera. 

- Always make sure to White balance when in new locations. 

- quickly look into framing and rule of 3rds. 

- In terms of editing the most important skill you must learn is sound overlaying. Learn that and you will find editing will be a lot easier.  

- Be carful when recording sound outdoors as wind can ruin the sound. 


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