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Solarpunk - Cool new Ecological literary Genre

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You guys should get into solarpunk. It's a great literary genre inspired by steampunk  / cyberpunk etc. but one that offers a more optimistic view of the future.

It's about integrating technology and nature and creating a more sustainable, egalitarian world. Plus it just looks fucking cool IMO.

Tell me your thoughts!



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That is cool! Certainly a breath of fresh air to see optimistic sci-fi from settings other than Star Trek.

I do think that some of the reasons why we don't see as many optimistic looks at the future (aside from the obvious one; that cynicism and cautionary tales are more aligned with the current zietgiest) is that from a storytelling perspective it's generally more difficult to create dramatic tension in an optimistic setting.

Star Trek struggled with this as well, with the best storytelling in that setting dealing with how a relative Utopia (compared to today) still has challenges and difficulties. Not the least of which are how it interacts with other Cultures and Societies that don't share its ideals.

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